Objects of Desire

The illustration work of Haley Johnson was featured in a recent article in Communication Arts Magazine. Among many other things, Haley is behind the clever design and illustration for the Dirty Girl products over at BlueQ. As a matter of fact, her handy work can be found on several of the BlueQ products!

Featured in her interview, these great little illustrations caught my eye immediately! I noticed that her client for this project was listed as Jane Jenni Incorporated so I found JaneJenni.com and saw the full collection of her little snippet illustrations on their site. Apparently Jane Jenni Inc. is turning her work into products such as 1" buttons, luggage tags, key rings and even melamine plates!

Since there was no way to purchase these items from the Jane Jenni Inc. Web site, I used the email address and sent a quick inquiry. No response yet, but I desperately want to know where to find these! These are incredibly cute and would make awesome little gifts for a quick pick-me-up.

I thought it was very appropriate that in her Communication Arts magazine interview Haley Johnson mentioned that she designs "objects of desire". I desire these!



Melissa said...

I have one of those! They sell them at this awesome store in Philly that has all this cool designy stuff. Mine has a little trophy and says "wife" underneath. :-) I bought it right before Rob and I got married.

Mary said...

I still haven't gotten an email back from them. I'm assuming that they sell in larger bulks to shops, but I thought they might be able to tell me where. The trophy wife one was totally one I would buy!

rachel ramsay said...

you can buy some of this stuff on a site called shopgrun.com they have buttons, mugs, magnets and coasters, plus lots of other great stuff

Mary said...

Thanks Rachel! I stopped by there. Those products are hard to find online, so I appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
You can also buy most of Jane Jenni's stuff at www.popdeluxe.net
They give discounts for bulk button purchases etc.