My First Roll with the Holga

I have finally gotten the Holga out and taken my first roll of film. I chose the economical route by having the local camera shop develop the negatives and I'll just scan those in. My first roll was all wrong, but oddly enough, you can still get something out of that. I had the frame set for 6x6 but I was advancing the film for 6x4.5 therefore I had some over-lapping. It is also kind of hard to scan images in like that because of the way the scanner auto-recognizes the film negatives. Though they are nothing spectacular, these two images were my favorites. They had the most character. Click for a larger view.

Cleopatra's Grave was found in a graveyard in Beauregard, Alabama. This headstone is about 20 feet away from my grandmother's grave. She died at age 24 and was buried there in 1949.

Red Bull was a little scene we happened upon while we were driving back from Lee County Lake. This beautiful longhorn was just grazing with his girlfriend by the side of the road. I'm not too sure what all the bright red big rigs were doing lined up so perfectly, but I didn't have time to wonder considering the size of the horns on that guy and the very wide distance between rails on that metal gate! He had his eye on me. (You can see the overlap on this image where my 6x6 frame interfered with the 6x4.5 advance.)

I've got my 2nd roll of film (B&W) in my Holga now. This is fun so far! I need some filter sets and some more film and I'll be in heaven!



Anonymous said...

I really like the headstone shot. It's really got a lot of character. The bull shot reminds me of Brokeback Mountain! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to quit yew!

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Because I am a nerd: