Dream Design Makeover

As designers, we have the tendency to be incredibly critical of the things we see on a daily basis. There are certain things I see around town that just make me cringe. It is understandable that not every billboard is going to be a work of art, but what about major retail chains, organizations, or companies? In my opinion, they have no excuse for poor identity and branding.

Over the last 2 years, our twin city area has been developing a new shopping area which recently added the craft store Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby's identity (or lack thereof) is shameful. When I think of a craft store, I think of creativity and the Hobby Lobby logo and brand says nothing of that trait.

The hulking, orange letters are unpleasant, to say the least, and far more readily identified with other places such as Home Depot and Big Lots. If the giant, unattractive, orange letters aren't enough for you, Hobby Lobby has also added some extra signage along the sides of the store front declaring what the store has to offer. I think that the very uninviting electric blue lettering of "ARTS", "CRAFTS", "FRAMES", etc. is enough to take me over the edge.

Their color combination is abrasive and even their Web site is a bit of a mess. I think they would do themselves a favor by looking at the much more favorable (though not terribly revolutionary) identity of Michaels Arts & Crafts Store.

I asked some other designers over at the HOW forum who they would elect for a dream makeover. They had some great answers. I think agree with the Dress Barn sentiments the most!



teahouse said...

Hey, there was a Hobby Lobby in the town where I grew up. Cheesy, yes. Full of hours of entertainment, yes!!