My First Roll with the Holga

I have finally gotten the Holga out and taken my first roll of film. I chose the economical route by having the local camera shop develop the negatives and I'll just scan those in. My first roll was all wrong, but oddly enough, you can still get something out of that. I had the frame set for 6x6 but I was advancing the film for 6x4.5 therefore I had some over-lapping. It is also kind of hard to scan images in like that because of the way the scanner auto-recognizes the film negatives. Though they are nothing spectacular, these two images were my favorites. They had the most character. Click for a larger view.

Cleopatra's Grave was found in a graveyard in Beauregard, Alabama. This headstone is about 20 feet away from my grandmother's grave. She died at age 24 and was buried there in 1949.

Red Bull was a little scene we happened upon while we were driving back from Lee County Lake. This beautiful longhorn was just grazing with his girlfriend by the side of the road. I'm not too sure what all the bright red big rigs were doing lined up so perfectly, but I didn't have time to wonder considering the size of the horns on that guy and the very wide distance between rails on that metal gate! He had his eye on me. (You can see the overlap on this image where my 6x6 frame interfered with the 6x4.5 advance.)

I've got my 2nd roll of film (B&W) in my Holga now. This is fun so far! I need some filter sets and some more film and I'll be in heaven!

If you haven't yet discovered, you should drop by and check out this fabulous and FREE resource for designers. When you register, you'll be able to create your profile complete with plenty of space for portfolio images! You'll have your own, unique designerid URL - for instance, mine is It is a great resource for students or people like me who haven't yet had time to design their own portfolio site.

Love, Exiting & New

Just a quick blog to give props to my husband for a wonderful Valentines day! Our first Valentines Day as husband and wife was great! We took advantage of a complimentary night's stay at Atlanta's Marriott Marquis downtown. We watched an in-room movie (The Departed-excellent movie, by the way), ate desert, and slept in a nice bed with a great view of the city.

Patrick got me some perfume! It is Dolce & Gabbana's "The One". It comes highly recommended by me. I love it! He did well picking out a fragrance that was nice, but very different from the perfume he got me at Christmas. I like variety. He also bought me a Swiss Army Knife! I've been wanting this small, pink knife for a while now so that I have it handy on my key chain :) I was just as happy about this as I was the perfume. He also bought me the Hallmark "Kiss Kiss Cupid Bears". They are adorable and I wish I had a picture, but the bears magnetically kiss, make kissy sounds and then the boy bears cupid wings flutter :) I loved it! :)

Anyways, it was a great holiday! I loved all my surprises and getting to spend some fun, relaxing time with Patrick!

The World's Oldest Profession

Siren designs are loud for the bad girl in you! For a timely and little risqué twist on Valentines Day, I've finally added merchandise to my Siren Designs Cafe Press Shop. I only have a basic shop, so that makes it hard to have the variety that I would like to have. If I knew if these items would be popular, I might upgrade to a premium shop.

Introducing, The World's Oldest Profession T-shirt Series. Here are 3 of 5 planned designs. Please check back for "Harlot" and "Trollop" coming very soon! If you do want to purchase, but don't see the item you want with the design you want, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Objects of Desire

The illustration work of Haley Johnson was featured in a recent article in Communication Arts Magazine. Among many other things, Haley is behind the clever design and illustration for the Dirty Girl products over at BlueQ. As a matter of fact, her handy work can be found on several of the BlueQ products!

Featured in her interview, these great little illustrations caught my eye immediately! I noticed that her client for this project was listed as Jane Jenni Incorporated so I found and saw the full collection of her little snippet illustrations on their site. Apparently Jane Jenni Inc. is turning her work into products such as 1" buttons, luggage tags, key rings and even melamine plates!

Since there was no way to purchase these items from the Jane Jenni Inc. Web site, I used the email address and sent a quick inquiry. No response yet, but I desperately want to know where to find these! These are incredibly cute and would make awesome little gifts for a quick pick-me-up.

I thought it was very appropriate that in her Communication Arts magazine interview Haley Johnson mentioned that she designs "objects of desire". I desire these!

Dream Design Makeover

As designers, we have the tendency to be incredibly critical of the things we see on a daily basis. There are certain things I see around town that just make me cringe. It is understandable that not every billboard is going to be a work of art, but what about major retail chains, organizations, or companies? In my opinion, they have no excuse for poor identity and branding.

Over the last 2 years, our twin city area has been developing a new shopping area which recently added the craft store Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby's identity (or lack thereof) is shameful. When I think of a craft store, I think of creativity and the Hobby Lobby logo and brand says nothing of that trait.

The hulking, orange letters are unpleasant, to say the least, and far more readily identified with other places such as Home Depot and Big Lots. If the giant, unattractive, orange letters aren't enough for you, Hobby Lobby has also added some extra signage along the sides of the store front declaring what the store has to offer. I think that the very uninviting electric blue lettering of "ARTS", "CRAFTS", "FRAMES", etc. is enough to take me over the edge.

Their color combination is abrasive and even their Web site is a bit of a mess. I think they would do themselves a favor by looking at the much more favorable (though not terribly revolutionary) identity of Michaels Arts & Crafts Store.

I asked some other designers over at the HOW forum who they would elect for a dream makeover. They had some great answers. I think agree with the Dress Barn sentiments the most!