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In my quest to focus my blog on more design-related material, I finally submitted my blog to Designers Who Blog - a site I have been frequenting since it's conception. Catherine (Cat) Morley does a wonderful job keeping new, fresh material featured on her site on a daily basis. Aside from her work as a designer, Cat has several other Web endeavors including Creative Latitude and No!Spec.

A big thanks to Cat for her hard work and for featuring my blog on Designers who Blog today! Thanks for reading!

The Frog Prince

I'm a little late scanning this in, but this is the watercolor illustration I did over the Christmas break. I really, really like the way this one turned out. Once again, I'm using the same general subject from my sketchbook and vector animals. I just wanted to see what I could do with the more detailed medium of watercolor.

Below the full image is a detail of the eye area. One of the reasons I love watercolor is the effect you see in that detail.

I've been married 6 Days

I have a hard time calling this wedding pictures because we didn't have a wedding, we had a marriage ceremony! It really was a GREAT day. We did have our usual misadventures in Atlanta, but we should have seen that coming by now :) There really aren't too many pictures to document the day because we had no one to take pictures! But, it was a simple, yet very happy day!

This is us outside the courthouse. A nice strange took our picture. It was a beautiful day and very windy (as you can see by my wildly waving hair).

I tried to get a nice shot of our hands and rings together.

I am really pleased with how my rings look together considering my engagement ring band is very rounded and most are squared off. I got our wedding bands at and they are awesome! The quality was SO much better than what I saw in the mall and almost $300 cheaper!

We had a little 5" cake made at grocery bakery so that we would have a wedding cake. It was way too small for a wedding topper, so we used our Homie bride & groom :) We joked about that a few years ago, who knew we would actually end up do it? I think it's funny LOL

Here's an up-close shot of our Homies.