Tabby Cat

This is my first attempt at using water colors to colorize an illustration. I really like how the cat turned out. I just need to work on the surroundings a little. A while back I cut down a sheet of water color paper into around a dozen 4x6 pieces to do sketches and water color illustrations on. Hopefully you'll see my animals project (below) on water color paper sometime after the Christmas break!



Anonymous said...

Cute kitty!! You could do a dog for me next =)

Anonymous said...

That actually looks like the cat we have b een feeding since May.

Watercolor is fun. Typically the color's intensity will reduce about 20% after it really depends upon the brand of watercolor. A #6 brush is a fantastic general use brush. For details, I like using a #0 liner, or even an extra long brush used for lettering.

I typically like to work my lighter colors in first and gradually add my darker hues. That is how I had been doing it for years and have had decent results. I am going to try something different the next time I get a chance to paint. I am doing to do a black and white "underpainting"....probably with gouache... then go about painting like I do now. I am betting that my adding the b lack and white underpainting will add more value to some of my works.

Also, another alternative to watercolor paper is good ole illustration board. It is all I use now.

Anonymous said...

Tabby looks sad. :( Why? Does Tabby need a home? My barn is free if needed!