Ho Ho Ho Married Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and getting to spend lots of time with family and friends this year.

Guess what I'm getting for Christmas? A new last name! Patrick and I are getting married Dec. 28th, 2006. We talked it over and decided not to wait anymore. The future is so uncertain, but one thing we are certain about is one another. We've been together over 5 years now and we just want to get married!

Personally, I'm kind of relieved because planning a wedding was almost not doable for us. There is no guarentee that our small number of family members would actually be able to attend and hard to save up for something like that!

For other details, here is the link to our theknot.com website.
The soon to be Patrick & Mary Huddleston

I will post some pics and stuff after the marriage ceremony!

Happy Holidays!

Tabby Cat

This is my first attempt at using water colors to colorize an illustration. I really like how the cat turned out. I just need to work on the surroundings a little. A while back I cut down a sheet of water color paper into around a dozen 4x6 pieces to do sketches and water color illustrations on. Hopefully you'll see my animals project (below) on water color paper sometime after the Christmas break!

Vectorized Animals

Here are my soft little animals in vector form!

This was a good opportunity to get more comfortable with vectorizing illustrations. I did a lot of the body construction on these by adding and subtracting shapes onto a base made from circular shapes. I also liked the use of a gradient to add some dimension and keep that soft effect that I had wanted from the beginning.

Because I have so many fun doodles that never get developed much past my sketchbook, I wanted to give myself the assignment of taking these 4 animals (from the last post) and turning them into a finished illustration. My next assignment is to draw, ink, and watercolor these four little animals!

Soft Little Animals

It's very slow here today so I thought I would share some sketchbook stuff! Here are some doodles I scanned and very, very quickly colorized in photoshop. I thought these little animals looked soft and sweet, so I gave them light colors and made them baby soft. The hedgehog was one of those happy little moments where you accidently drew something you didn't know you could draw.

Maybe today I'll take these doodles and develope them into a more finalized illustration. I've been working on trying to do that more often and using other methods of colorization. I've got a couple of water colors at home I want to scan & post soon!

Click for a large image!

Engagement Pics!

Our photographer is a friend of mine who gave us free half an hour session for engagment pics as a favor. This is normally a luxery I could not afford, but I know my mom will be soooo pleased! These are the keepers!