I love the beach

Here are some photos I took at the beach 2 weeks ago. I have finally gotten around to getting them web-ready. I can't wait to go back again sometime. Even in the cool weather, the beach is just fascinating. We saw so much ocean life this time. We saw the dolphins playing by the shore (they are too quick for my camera!). We also saw the largest jellyfish ever washed up onto the shore. They much have been at least 18 inches in diameter!! Scary stuff. Click each image for a larger view.

No one can say that the white, sandy beaches of Alabama aren't beautiful. It's one of the best features of our state.

This crushed boat was partially buried into the sand by the shore.

All the little pastel beach houses nestled into the dunes.

This guy washed up on shore! I've never seen an octopus up close!

Another angle on the octopus.

This grab was very defensive. We watched him for the longest time and he just paced side to side twitching his little pinchers.

A little bird-watching as the sun goes down.

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.



Anonymous said...

awesome pics. you could do travel publicity for alabama!

- lori

Nessa said...

Your pictures are amazing.

teahouse said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!! I must say, that's the prettiest octopus I've ever seen.

Jeope said...

Ack! A frickin' octopus!

I ate an octopus for the first time in a salad for my birthday last year. Kerry couldn't even watch.

devon spec said...

that's freakin awesome!!!! an octopus!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I always thought fall was the best time of year to visit the beach ... very few people and cheap hotels make for a fun stay.

BTW - what's scary is that those 'little houses' probably run for about $2 Million a piece, ick!

Anonymous said...

I love the beach :) and those pics are great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see your from War Eagle Country!! I was born in Columbus, GA. We might be coming to Gulf Shores this summer!!

Beachouseview.com is my other long time blog.