Baby Shower Present!

Patrick's office had a baby shower today for their coworker, Ashley who is having a little girl in December. Our gift to her was this banner I painted with the baby's name on it! It turned out really well! My coworker and I made one for another expecting mom who works here with us. It took about 6-8 hours to paint, but it was very, very inexpensive. All-in-all it cost about $12 for the materials (primed, loose canvas & craft paints/brushes).

I think something like this, but more grown-up would make a great wedding banner as well. Yay for crafty & creative fun stuff :)



Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is absolutely gorgeous!! It looks like a printed banner, too. I can't believe you guys hand painted that!!

So if and when I ever get married, can I hire you to do something like that for me?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful What a great gift.

Pimprick said...

It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the doctors are right and that it is a girl for sure :D