Illustration Friday - Thanksgiving

Hi all! Happy Thanksgving. Here is something I threw together really quickly for illustration Friday. I included the scan of the sketch this time too for a super-quick "behind the scenes" of how I put my image together! Gobble Gobble!

(Please click for a larger image)

Creative Outlets

Sometimes it feels good to just draw no matter how bad it comes out. Just doodle to your hearts contentment and not worry about making a masterpiece. Sometimes creative outlets can be something as temporary as a dry erase board!

We have been a little slack on creative meetings at work, so when we get a chance, we sometimes create whiteboard murals in the conferance room. It all started with a giant spongebob squarepants I drew at lunch one day and now, we all lend a marker and just do whatever we want. Other departments use our conferance room sometimes and they have started requesting more white board decorations! They have been pretty popular. Many times, the non-designers get in on it too!

We have the best time just sitting around thinking of stuff to draw. Our latest endeavor was to draw a Thanksgiving meal. I mean, how the hell do you draw 3 bean salad? Someone had to draw the obligatory hand-turkey and of course you can't leave out the Indians or the pilgrims who gave us this lovely holiday :) Oh, and don't forget the deviled eggs!

Here is our latest Thanksgiving Holiday Edition.(click for larger image)

Here we have an earlier board that everyone called the "druggie mural". It was a little phsycodelic, but it was so much fun. I made the colorful gradient out of dry erase marker colors (we have almost every color dry erase marker available). I also did the bird/dolphin looking animal out of the swirl.

Baby Shower Present!

Patrick's office had a baby shower today for their coworker, Ashley who is having a little girl in December. Our gift to her was this banner I painted with the baby's name on it! It turned out really well! My coworker and I made one for another expecting mom who works here with us. It took about 6-8 hours to paint, but it was very, very inexpensive. All-in-all it cost about $12 for the materials (primed, loose canvas & craft paints/brushes).

I think something like this, but more grown-up would make a great wedding banner as well. Yay for crafty & creative fun stuff :)

I love the beach

Here are some photos I took at the beach 2 weeks ago. I have finally gotten around to getting them web-ready. I can't wait to go back again sometime. Even in the cool weather, the beach is just fascinating. We saw so much ocean life this time. We saw the dolphins playing by the shore (they are too quick for my camera!). We also saw the largest jellyfish ever washed up onto the shore. They much have been at least 18 inches in diameter!! Scary stuff. Click each image for a larger view.

No one can say that the white, sandy beaches of Alabama aren't beautiful. It's one of the best features of our state.

This crushed boat was partially buried into the sand by the shore.

All the little pastel beach houses nestled into the dunes.

This guy washed up on shore! I've never seen an octopus up close!

Another angle on the octopus.

This grab was very defensive. We watched him for the longest time and he just paced side to side twitching his little pinchers.

A little bird-watching as the sun goes down.

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.