I got this link from another bloggy friend and boy oh boy did I kill some time making south park peeps! Truly, truly fun stuff.

It's Official!

Patrick and I went to Gulf Shores/Fort Morgan this past weekend for a much deserved break from all the chaos that has been happening over the last few months. We enjoyed our nice, long weekend walking on the beach and relaxing by the ocean. It was great weather for late October. Saturday was in the mid 80's and the water was warm enough to wade around in. Sunday was a little overcast and windy, but it was still so pleasant to be outside.

Sunday morning we went for a walk on the beach and he proposed to me out on the sand. It was great. I think he was nervous that he wasn't going to say it all the right way, but he had nothing to worry about. It was just his style! He gave me my ring in a little wooden heart-shaped box that he bought for me on the sly after I'd mentioned something about how it was perfect for a ring.

The ring is so beautiful. I was stunned at how clear and white the diamond is.

But, more importantly, we got to celebrate being together for 5+ years now and just enjoy a little time together. We haven't set any date for a wedding yet, but I guess we'll be looking into that sometime soon!

Here are a few pictures. I have some other cool beach ones that I'll put up later. I want to bask in the glow of this for a little while first :)

Mary's Magnetic Mania

Funny that Melissa should mention on her blog that she took a mental health day last Friday to relax and do some crafting because I did the exact same thing! I've been pretty burned out lately, so I stayed home and made some super-cool magnets. I've seen several people make these before and they are incredibly fun & easy. I think I've got some cool X-mas presents for pals this year! Oh, and you'd better watch me around your magazine collections from now on because I've been snippin' & clippin' everything cool I can find to turn it into a magnet :) I'm dangerous.

*I really like the yawny kitten! And the halloween set too!

*This is my pattern collection!

*I thought an all B&W&Red set would be pretty hip.

Almost One Month

It has been almost an entire month now. An entire month since the last I wrote an article for this blog and an entire month since I found out that my father died suddenly.

I had wanted to write a tribute to him, but I just can't do it. I thought it would be like closure, but it just doesn't seem right. It has been a surreal month for me. Even after four weeks, the fact that he is gone forever doesn't seem real and I wish there was something I could do to make this feeling go away.

I have been writing a very eloquent tribute to my father over and over again in my mind, but I can't say all those things yet because it hurts too much.

Isn't it funny how good memories and love can hurt so much? I loved him so much and I was so proud that he was my father. He was such a good man. It was too early for him to go and I will miss him so much.