Drive By Blogging - The midweek edition

Broken Finger (like you care)
The finger is doing better. The nail is what I am most worried about. There is a chance it won't grow back and I will be forced to take on some sort of "stubby" nickname. That has me pretty bummed, but I guess no one cares about my ratty ol' finger because no one left me a single, solitary comment. Sheesh ;)

The Finger Next to the broken one
The ring is within my reach! MY PRECIOUS! But, that stinkin', I mean Patrick (j/k honey) has it and it planning on a special celebration/presentaion soon. It is very torturouos knowing that its just sitting there waiting for me. He's shown his work friends and they went gah-gah over it so I'm super excited.

"Mom, I've got a porky-pine in my fwoat"
Anybody remember that commercial? I have been terribly sick over the last week and I can't seem to knock it. My Labor Day weekend was spent with a box of Kleenex and some leftover Lortabs from my finger incident.

Grammar School

It is amazing how much you forget over the years. In my ENG 6000 class we are doing grammar review because many of us were not English majors. I know what is correct, but I can't verbalize why it is correct. In my mind, the answer would be "because it doesn't sound right", but the correct answer would be something like "Because everyone knows that a _________ can never follow a __________ within a __________ clause!" Ugh.

B'dee B'dee B'dee... that's all folks!