Drive By Blogging

Here's some snippets for you:

The Other "F" Word
At lunch today Patrick mentioned that when he was growing up, his Grandpa got onto him for calling a guy on The People's Court a "Fool" because he felt that it was just as bad as the other "F" word. My other co-workers who were also lunching with us, said they grew up that way too and that it was in the bible that "fool" was a bad word. I have never, ever heard that in all my 28 years. I guess that is what I get for growing up in a Catholic household? My mother would always say "God looks out for drunks and fools".

I need a tracking device...
...for everything I own, apparently. My wallet was lost or possibly stolen on Monday. Someone turned it in at the police dept. but they did take, at the very least, my corporate credit card. Everything has since been canceled and taken care of, but what a pain in the ass. Whoever was resposible is a FOOL. ha.

English 6000
In one week I start my very first graduate school course in Technical and Professional communictions. I can take two courses before I must submit GRE scores, so I'm going to test the waters and see if I can do this or not. English 6000 is editing. I have my big, fat Chicago style manual ready to go!

Another man was in my bedroom...
...because a roofer fell through my ceiling into my bedroom a week ago. That has been a major pain in my ass too. It took them 6 days to patch the hole and get it all painted. We had to sleep in the living room on the mattress. Last night we moved back into the bedroom and I woke up not knowing where the hell I was.

Recent Purchases
- Animaniacs Volume 1 - thanks Patrick!
- SanDisk 256MB MP3 player - yeah, its NOT an iPod and I know it, but it was only $13 and it'll hold enough for my purposes.
- Some clothes because I didn't want to do laundry last night (long story...I had a busy day).
- Turbo Jam DVDs...yeah, we'll see how that goes!

I like this way of blogging. I should try it more.



Anonymous said...

animaniacs! yes! that was one of my best purchases of the year.

- lori

Nessa said...

I have never heard that Fool was as bad as the other F word, but now that I think about it, it should be.

Anonymous said...

How was Figaro? I am sure that some strange man falling through the roof had to scare the hell out of him.

Buddy would have shown the roofer where all the expensive stuff was hidden as long as he fed him.

Melissa said...

Animaniacs!!! That rocks! It used to be my mission to learn ever Animaniacs song I could. I'll bet I can still sing all the countries in the world. ;-)

I never heard that "fool" thing either. I once got in trouble in first grade for saying "ass" to a teacher because I meant it as "donkey."

Jeope said...


Sorry. Just stubbed my toe.

Andrew said...

1. The Other "F" Word

I'd never heard that, either. But as someone interested in word histories and word origins, it's good to know.

2. I need a tracking device...

Yup. Earlier this week, I lost a $20 bill by--I kid you not--leaving it on a counter somewhere when I stopped to pay for my purchases. Now, THAT makes me feel like a fool.

3. English 6000

Good luck! I've always wanted to take a course with a number that was freakin' high, not just English "101" or "500," etc.

4. Another man was in my bedroom...

Sucks. But think what a great story you could tell about sitting in bed, reading the Chicago manual, watching Animaniacs, and BOOM! Guy falls through the ceiling onto the bed!

Anonymous said...

hey i did a post on f words too!