Diamond School

Yesterday I got schooled in diamonds! Someone Patrick works with suggested a guy in Montgomery, AL who deals diamonds. When I set up the appointment the receptionist told me that it would take about an hour and a half because he liked to do diamond education first. I can't believe how much I learned! It was fun too.

He touched on how diamonds formed and how they cut round and emerald cut diamonds from more perfectly formed diamond crystals and how they cut oval,heart, marquise, and other fancy shapes from diamond crystals that had "shifted" their growth pattern during formation.

He went through all the 4 C's I already knew about diamonds and elaborated on each of those things. I never knew this stuff and you can't find it online. He went through the measuring process and told you about how a carat is actually 0.2 grams and carats are measured in weight not physical size. Then he went into the correct proportions of the cut of a diamond and how that affected the reflection and beauty. He showed us exactly how to look at color and showed us diamonds that were slightly green (its not just a white/yellow thing!). After that he went into the clarity and explained different types of inclusions that can be found on a stone. There are so many more things he talked about that were interesting, but I couldn't possibly go into it all.

He even told us how he buys diamonds and showed us the invoice prices he paid, told us how much of a profit he makes (anywhere from 12-15%).

After the educational part, he brought us into his "lab" where he had the microscope set up. He asked us our price range and found a few diamonds that were in the range. He placed them all next to each other and we sort of went over the things he taught us on the actual diamonds. We looked at them under the 'scope and I think I found the one I want!!!

It really is a good deal. I looked at it under the microscope and saw the imperfections. They were VERY minimal compared to the problems I saw with diamonds in other places almost TWICE the price he was asking. He weighed it for us and measured it for us for correct angle and depth.

He suggested that we look again with out new-found knowledge and get back with him if he thinks we want his diamond. He didn't charge us ANYthing for the appointment.

This guy does have a great reputation and I can see why.

I'm soooo excited! :)



Nessa said...

Wow, how interesting. I can't wait to see the one you pick.

Melissa said...

Diamonds rock! (pun intended) How fun! Rob and I got our edumacation at a decent place. Not like yours though! Luckily he had his step-mom's sister (the jeweler) to help him out in the end. It was very affordable, and I love it! The good thing about my diamond is the color rating. It's really white looking. I can definitely tell a difference when I compare it to other diamonds.

Yay, I can't wait for you to get it! Then it's time to start planning your Vegas wedding! ;-)

Jeope said...

Two words: cubic zirconia.

Just sayin', is all. Buy a cubic zirconia and you'll have wads of cash left over to get, say ... I dunno ... at least a dozen cats and a few bottles of chardonnay.

I keed. Diamonds rock and/or roll.

tamie said...

oooh does this mean a RING is in the very near future ;)

yay mary...

diamonds are awesome... once you're hooked on the sparkle you'll never get over it...

it's scary to think of how much the "ice" I wear daily is worth :)

Anonymous said...


When your bro and I went out and about looking for diamonds (starting about a couple of years ago, then ending seriously last year with his purchase at Village Jewelers here in Dallas), we learned the hard way to NEVER go to the mall jewelers, or any of the chain jewelers. You all were smart to go to a wholesaler...

I hope you get the one you want! I love mine and look at it all the time...v. sparkly, even though by conventional standards it's not perfect. And that's what good the jeweler was to us...he taught us that a good lookin' diamond does NOT have to be at the top of all the 4C categories to be beautiful.

Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

can you reccomend him? I am looking for a job, but I will get paid more if I get trained first. Can you provide his name phone number and address