No Flight, No Food, No Service

Connecting flights suck. No matter what, you're always looking at your watch hoping you can quickly navigate though the airport you arrive at for your connecting flight so that you'll not only make the take-off time, but so that you might have time to grab a decent snack or have a second to use a normal sized bathroom.

Wednesday we left around 8am for Denver to make sure we would have time for a few leg-stretch breaks and a little lunchh outside of the airport. We arrived in plenty of time and checked in to find that both the current and connecting flights had been delayed due to weather trouble in Dallas. No problem. We shopped around a little--I found myself a couple of great CDs and a planeride snack and settled into a seat with my book. Boarding time was to be at 6:05pm. At 6:00 they announced that they were overbooked and would except volunteers for a later flight. We didn't board until 6:30. The plane was a good 45 minutes later than they had said and therefore we missed out connecting flight.

We arrived in Dallas at 9:30 and departure was at 9:45. We unboarded the plane as quickly as we could (you can never leave a plane "quickly") and we made it to our next gate as quickly as we could but, the plane had left by the time we'd gotten there. Dallas-Forth Worth is a monstrosity of an airport!

They blamed the missed connection on weather and said they wouldn't be able to pay for the room. That is pure B.S. and I plan on filing a complaint. They got us a "distressed passenger rate" at a Marriot in Irving and we took a shuttle over. Well, it was midnight when we arrived and there was not a single place to get dinner near the hotel because it was out in airport land. You know how hotels in the airport area are always in a desolate place? Well, the pizza delivery places were even closed! All we had was a couple of peanut logs and water. Yum.

We had no clothes because our bag was also in limbo. So, we decided to wash our clothes by hand and let them air dry. We had 9 hours for them to dry, so no problem.
It took a good 45 minutes to get it all washed and rung out well enough and then it was time to hit the sack. We set the alarm for 8:30 and slept well in the downy beds.

I woke up at 7:30 and happened to think to check the clothes for dryness and to my horror they were all still really, really Damp. Not wet -- not nearly dry -- but cold and damp. They were not wearable at all so I woke Patrick up so I could figure out what to do. Even his socks were still wet.

In 1 and a half hours an iron and a hotel hairdryer can get most of the dampness out of 2 shirts, 1 pair of pants, 2 socks and some underwear. I still felt a little "humid" when I hit the Dallas morning air.

So, in conclusion, never try to be clever and pioneer yourself into hand-washing clothes. Well worn clothes are better than wet, still semi-dirty clothes.



tamie said...

that shounds alot like what happened to me and andrew when we came back from the dominican republic... we were stuck in customs and immigration for 2 hours and so we missed our connecting flight back to LA... and since it wasn't technically the airlines fault... NO ONE WOULD HELP US... and we were in New York (and it was fleet week... the aids walk... 3 big conventions... and some other crap that made it so there were NO ROOMS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AVAILABLE) so we had to stay in mutha fuckin times square... his mom bailed us out (the room was $599 a night) and we were lucky that they still served room service at midnight...

so I feel your pain :)

hope the rest of your trip is good...

The Chrysalis Stage said...

Traveling is always such an adventure.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I wish I knew that you were stuck there. Lee and I would have taken you and Patrick out or brought you food.

I was wondering about your flight when I saw the lightning.

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! That sounds awful! I would have been so miserable. "Distressed passenger rate?" Sheesh. I hope your complaint letter is very stern! Tha jerks.

PupSquadFoster said...

whew, thats a rough trip. connecting flights are the worse, and how they "overbook" flights is a mystry to me. I flew into montgomery(dont fly into montgomery) when I was flying out to Houston to find a place to live, it was an awful airport. The lost my wife's bag the first flight, and my bag the second flight. It took them a WEEK to get me my bag back. Airports. I tell yah.