Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is not for sissies. The most sleep I got was 4 hours, and the least was 2. I slept for what seemed like 24 hours straight when I got home.

I was really pleasantly suprised at how cool and laid back everyone was and how easy it was to talk to everyone and get to know them. I thank my HOW friends for the late night laughs because I really, really needed those with all that has been going on.

The actual design conference was pretty good, but I have to admit that I had a hard time concentrating because my parents are ill and I spent a lot of time on the phone with my brother during the day.

Here are a couple of pictures of the party night. The first is at the conf. shin-dig and the last one is outside of 9 Fine Irishmen in NYNY after they closed. We kept shutting places down night after night. 'Twas great!

(r-l): Nick, Pez, Amy, RJ, Brandon, Dave, Prax, Me, Random Guy(?), Mike & Cal

(r-l): Me, Jeope, Mel, Jen, Dave, Brandon, Keith, Cheryl, Prax, Cal & Nick

I can't believe I wore that dress for so long. I'm so sick of sparkles and feather. Gah. I'll post more pics as I get them (espec. of mel's wedding!). These pictures are compliments of Nick from Ohio.



im.not.wit.stupid.anymore said...

CWOOL, u went 2 las vegas, like the gamberlers paridise! Did u get 2 gamble? I love 2 play texas hold 'em! Give me the 411

everyman's fantasy

Nessa said...

Hope your parents get better. Your Veas time sounds cool.

Andrew said...

You know I'm keeping your 'rents in my thoughts. And I flippin' love that boa!

teahouse said...

Wow, looks like fun.

My favorite part about Las Vegas is the cheap buffets!

dunder said...

Mary!! Do you have the picture of Dave on the floor?

Melissa said...

Yeah! I wanna see the Dave pictures!

I love that photo of us outside of 9FI, the night before I became a wife. Haha, that sounds so weird! I'm so glad you were there! :-)