Artisan, are you out there?

So, this is kinda cool. My parents own Westways Court Motel in Delta, Colorado. They moved out there 2.5 years ago and run this motel as their "retirement business" you could say.

Well, when they first moved out there and got this place, I immediately thought it reminded me of the kind of little motel you'd see in movies! So, I listed it on a site (don't know where now!) that lists property that is willing to be considered for movies and events.

Today when I checked the traffic tracker for their website (see image below)I found that someone from Artisan Entertainment had visited their Web site by doing a very specific Yahoo search. So, Artisan, if you are out there, use this motel! It's really awesome and my parents would love you guys to use it! Plus, they could use the cash and notoriety :)



Nessa said...

That motel is sooo cool.

teahouse said...

That's awesome!! If it's featured in popular movies, it could get really famous as a tourist attraction. Watch out, Bates Motel!

Oh, by the way, the Bates Motel is a small replica on the set of Universal Studios theme park. I've seen it.

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo,

That is neat as crap. I am writing this on a huge 30 inch monitor Mac at the Apple store. Lee is gonna get an iMac. I have converted another to this side of the force.

Jeope said...

Yeah, I hear Artisan is doing the next Psycho movie. Food (and a blatant lie) for thought.

Hiya Mary! Gettin' stoked for Vegas yet?

patricia zapata said...

WHAT a cool motel!