I *heart* bears

Last weekend we went to Helen, Georgia with Patrick's parent's, his brother and his brother's wife. It was pretty fun! There isn't much to do but eat and shop, but this little bear park they have was the highlight of the trip. It's called the Black Foreset Bear Park and it's a sort of reserve for bears that cannot be left in the wild for some reason or another. One of them used to be a circus bear! They all seemed so sweet! They would walk around on their hind legs with their mouths open waiting for you to throw them apple & bread scraps. They would catch it mid-air too!
The cool black bear with the white scarf is from Asia. He was very photogenic! Oh, and the 2nd bear waving around his big old bear paw was totally adorable. He just waved and waved and I bet he got fed a LOT.

Okay, I could BEARly control myself when picking out the pictures for this! I had so many cute ones, so I narrowed it down to 13. Click on them to see all the bear beauty.

Artisan, are you out there?

So, this is kinda cool. My parents own Westways Court Motel in Delta, Colorado. They moved out there 2.5 years ago and run this motel as their "retirement business" you could say.

Well, when they first moved out there and got this place, I immediately thought it reminded me of the kind of little motel you'd see in movies! So, I listed it on a site (don't know where now!) that lists property that is willing to be considered for movies and events.

Today when I checked the traffic tracker for their website (see image below)I found that someone from Artisan Entertainment had visited their Web site by doing a very specific Yahoo search. So, Artisan, if you are out there, use this motel! It's really awesome and my parents would love you guys to use it! Plus, they could use the cash and notoriety :)

It's been a while

So, I went on "vacation" for a week and now I've got brain overload with all the crap I have to do at work. Then there's all the blog-reading I missed out on and the forum reading too! Not to mention all the other foolin' around crap I like to do during the day that I haven't gotten to do.

I wanna go home :)