Nothing says Easter like pastel bunnies!

Unless, of course, you got you bunnies are from subverssive cross stitch. I finsihed this one up this weekend and Patrick plans on displaying it proudly in his home office. I love.

On another pastel note we colored some eggs this weekend too. I yearned for the smell of vingar-water and brightly colored hardboiled eggs, so I shelled out $0.99 for a Paas Easter kit.I found them just as they were when I was a kid - impossible to make look good. You could NEVER do all the cool lines & zig-zags that Easter eggs are supposed to have.

My cat is not pastel, but he sure is CUTE. I mean, look at his big ol' chubby cat noggin'...He loves those cubes - he can do some damage from those things! He goes into attack mode and you'd better beware.

Anyways, I had such a great weekend out in the sun. Went for some long walks and it was spectacular. I can't wait for next weekend!



Nessa said...

Great cross stitch! Those eggs look eggs-actly as they should. Cute kitty.

Mary said...

maybe i scared everyone off with my "do not fuck with me" cross-stitch so everyone was afraid to comment. goldennib is very brave LOL

Anonymous said...

lori sez:

mary, you could have an entirely separate blog called "cute pics of my cat."

i've started a personal tradition of making communist eggs. last year i made a red one with the hammer and sickle and this one i made one that said, simply, "el che"

i thought about doing "el chegg" but thought that was lame.

Rurality said...

Oh no, naughty cross stitch, now I've seen everything! :)

Now you've got me thinking of little old ladies weaving obscenities into their tapestries...!

teahouse said...

Hooray for Easter!!

I really need to get back into cross-stitching.

Andrew said...

I've started cross-stitching. No, seriously. I am looking into "Do not fuck with me."