I Been Searchin'

So, underneath my archives links in this blogger template, I have a link to a free stats site that I look at traffic to my blog with. People really search for the weirdest shit! "selling testicles for money" is actually seen on this last twenty list TWICE. And this is only in the last few days. I point this out because this isn't the first time I've seen this on the list of search terms that bring my blog up. I've never once blogged about this topic, but apparently several desperate men out there either don't want their testicles anymore or need a pair!

Other terms come up often and some are seen here too - the bud ice penguin, the drummer from def leopard, and long hair cuts, and jennifer wilbanks. But, I swear, I never blogged about selling your testicles (except for now). However, within a series of several blog entries during one month, all those words appeared and that is why. So, if you find my blog by searching about selling your testicles to the government or whomever for money - could you please comment as to why in the hell you'd want to do that?


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Nessa said...

I just read about testicles at Dr. Flea's blog http://drfleablog.blogspot.com/2006/04/whered-they-find-volunteers.html

Perhaps these are altruistic men looking to volunteer their testicles to produce stem cells or they are men who have no balls and they are looking to regrow them using other men's testicle stem cells.

teahouse said...

Selling testicles for money sounds pretty painful.

Maybe it's some idiot who thinks that if he cuts one off, another one will grow in its place.

PupSquadFoster said...

Selling Testicles? I think I'd sell a kidney first. I mean c'mon.

Anonymous said...

So I was talking to my friend about the fact that my wife doesn't want to have any more children. So my friend tells me "you know, you can sell them for $60,000 each?"

At first it sounded absurd. But then he said that they would replace them with prosthetic testicles. So the fact that we aren't planning to have any more kids and a large sum of money sounded interesting to me. Yet, I didn't know that there was in credibility to the story.

So I hopped on Google to search if this was a real thing or not. It turns out to be nothing more than an Urban Legend. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

I heard that some university was paying $120,000 per fertile testicle.
I don't need 2 testicles any way, but unfortunately it looks like a urban legend.

MonkeePox said...

Hi Diversion Mary,

I just found this topic on your blog not through trying to sell my testicles (they're mine, and that is that! I've had them so long that they've become a part of me - that's a joke), but through trying to get some info on a medical condition I have called Epididymitis (spelling correct?). That's an inflammation of the epididymis (I don't know if that is spelled correctly, either). There is an epididymis on top of each testicle. They are where the sperm go to hang out for awhile after they have been produced by the testicle. Anyway, I'm sitting at home right now in pain I spend some time each day with a bag of frozen peas pressed up against my scrotum, which was not the way I had planned on spending my vacation. Thanks for letting me say that.

As for those wishing to sell or buy testicles, well, there certainly is a wide variety of people in this world. Maybe it wasn't their own testicles they were trying to market.

Anonymous said...

selling testicles could be very advantageous for a male to female transexual, she wouldnt need them anyway, and the money could probably help with other medical bills, also it would stop the production of testosterone in her body

Anonymous said...

Yeah....i would definitely sell my testicle to anyone that needed it...haha...anyone want one?? 60 grand and its yourrsss.


Anonymous said...

I am guilty of doing a google search for selling a testicle...My husband and I are done having children so I figured we could get rid of his. We could really use the money:)

Anonymous said...

Maybe some people are just dirt stinking poor. I on the other hand favor the idea of severing George W. Bush's testicles and selling those!

Anonymous said...

all of you that keep saying people want to sell them because they're idiots....do you not realize there are many men that are married to women that have either become unfertile or have had a hysterectomy? my wife has had a hysterectomy and i would sell one of my testicles to help with bills. i don't need it anymore and there are men that have had testicular cancer or that have had some mishap to leaving them minus a testicle or two. if my olympic swimmer producing testicles could help another couple have children i would love to do it. not necessarily for money, even though it would help, but out of good will. i'm an organ donor also. and teahouse, how about you use some type of common sense. your stupid little comment doesn't even come off as partially funny. it just shows how much of an idiot you really are.

Mary said...

Wow, anonymous, you're a bit "testy", there aren't ya?

Anonymous said...

I already had them sut so i couldn't have anymore children. I heard about ppl selling 1 testical for science. Since I already plan on give my body up to science when Im deceased why not sell them 1 nut. It's just as normal as woman selling their eggs to a reproduction clinic. You only need 1 testestical to keep your sex drive.

Anonymous said...

I would sell my testicle for money! One is all you need and I already have all the kids I want, so why not! I'd get a camaro and my testicle, that is currently useless, could do some good to somebody! Unfortunately, it appears to be a myth and, infact, illegal! Disappointing I know!

Anonymous said...

yeah i thought that it may be a good idea....i have three kids already, and out of relationships another 6 stepkids, so the last thing i need are anymore...and if i could help people who wanted them and make a good lump(ahem) sum, why not?

Anonymous said...

I have always heard that you could sell testicles for cash 75 grand...who came up with this urban legend and is there any truth in it? If not then where did this come from ? I believe that there has to be some facts in this.....I mean there are so many scientist whom perform trials and tests all of the time more and more everyday...the world is definately moving up...so is there truth in this ..yes I believe so..let me know what you think....

Anonymous said...

I would do it in a heart beat I have my kids and don't want more and the cash would be great