Nothing says Easter like pastel bunnies!

Unless, of course, you got you bunnies are from subverssive cross stitch. I finsihed this one up this weekend and Patrick plans on displaying it proudly in his home office. I love.

On another pastel note we colored some eggs this weekend too. I yearned for the smell of vingar-water and brightly colored hardboiled eggs, so I shelled out $0.99 for a Paas Easter kit.I found them just as they were when I was a kid - impossible to make look good. You could NEVER do all the cool lines & zig-zags that Easter eggs are supposed to have.

My cat is not pastel, but he sure is CUTE. I mean, look at his big ol' chubby cat noggin'...He loves those cubes - he can do some damage from those things! He goes into attack mode and you'd better beware.

Anyways, I had such a great weekend out in the sun. Went for some long walks and it was spectacular. I can't wait for next weekend!

Homespun Crafts with Attitude

This was made possible by . This chick is my new hero of craftiness for making crossstitch have some attitude. Granted, I did my own interpretation of her kit but, I will be buying her book whenever it is released. I simply could NOT wait to make this. This is a great quick stitch and this site inspired me to finally make a house-warming present for a friend of mine and his partner - some his & his towels. :)

Anyways, I had to share!

I Been Searchin'

So, underneath my archives links in this blogger template, I have a link to a free stats site that I look at traffic to my blog with. People really search for the weirdest shit! "selling testicles for money" is actually seen on this last twenty list TWICE. And this is only in the last few days. I point this out because this isn't the first time I've seen this on the list of search terms that bring my blog up. I've never once blogged about this topic, but apparently several desperate men out there either don't want their testicles anymore or need a pair!

Other terms come up often and some are seen here too - the bud ice penguin, the drummer from def leopard, and long hair cuts, and jennifer wilbanks. But, I swear, I never blogged about selling your testicles (except for now). However, within a series of several blog entries during one month, all those words appeared and that is why. So, if you find my blog by searching about selling your testicles to the government or whomever for money - could you please comment as to why in the hell you'd want to do that?


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