Too much CUTE!

Every day I check and - sometimes I check cute overload more than once because they update often and I get bored ("bored" which is code for "I LOVE THE CUTENESS").

Last night my overdose of cute has manifested itself in a wierd-ass dream.

In my dream I drive up to my parent's old house and there are 3 moose standing in the circle drive way in front of the front steps. I totally ignore them and go inside. When I get inside, I finally think "WHY are there 3 moose standing outside my house??!"

Then I see that my parent have a cat with a litter of kittens outside and that one calico kitten has managed to climb up one of the moose and is sitting on his head.

What do I think in my dream?? "HOW CUTE! This would make an awesome picture for cute overload or!!!!!"

So, I get my digital camera out of my bag and try to take a picture, but I'm laughing so hard I can't do it.

The moose then begins to walk away down our street with the kitten still on it's head! At that point, I don't want the kitten to get taken off somewhere so I go outside and run up to the moose in order to shoo the kitten down.

The kitten survives his adventure and even in my dreams I can't get a picture for!



Anonymous said...

Of course, you and I know that were there ever a moose walking down Powell Chapel Road, Adam Terry would probably run over it, doing 90 to nothing around the curve.

Oh, but what memories.

Chris said...

I love the internet. Check out this site if you haven't already seen it.