Grilled Pony ... Mmmm

I had a dream last night about My Little Ponies. I had a dream that instead of being named like "cotton candy" or "Jubilee Surpise" or whatever, they were named "Chipolte Chicken" or "Lemon Pepper & Garlic"...which are the names of the marinades that we often use at dinner. I thought this was kind of funny because, can you imagine eating a my little pony???

Well, today is just another ordinary Tuesday. Nothing too spectacular going on. Work has been kind of slow. Mostly waiting on people to give me information, playing with photoshop, drawing, and cleaning up a holy mess from last week.

The only other thing that has been going on is that I am totally getting jipped by a plastic surgeon who wants a logo, letterhead, & business card. Can you believe that the guy had the nerve to tell me he wasn't like "other doctors" and didn't have a lot of money. WhatEVAH. He's a damned plastic surgeon. Ugh. I just hope there is a peaceful, decently profitable resolution.

Anyways, that is what I've got for the day. I hope I'll have something more interesting real soon.



teahouse said...

Hahhaha, have you ever seen My Pretty Pony? They were the predecessors to My Little Pony. The same design, but much larger (about 2 feet high each). They came out in the late 70s and early 80s, but apparently weren't that successful (I guess because of their unwieldy size). But if you Google it, you can see images of them. They're like life-size shetlands. Creepy.

Melissa said...

That doctor is a tool! I'm sure he gives surgery discounts all the time to people who "don't have a lot of money." :) You should make him a logo with a hidden penis, so everytime you see his stuff, you'll know he has a penis-logo! Hahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

make the bastard pay!

make up a "business card" for a lawyer and say "this is an example of some of my previous work. come to think of it.. she owes me.. BIG TIME"

maybe he'll get the hint?

- lori

Anonymous said...

My God, what does he use for a scalpel? Plastic cutlery? Perhaps Sally Struthers signed his medical degree.

I hate seeing poor doctors. Imagine, being forced to purchase an entry level Mercedes instead of an AMG model.

I shall light a candle to St. Jude, patron Saint of lost causes for the poor Doctor.

On another note: A plastic surgeon walks into Heaven after his death. He spots Jesus and looks at him from afar for a long time, not knowing what to say. Finally, Jesus approaches him and says, "Yes my son, was there something you wanted to say or ask?"
"Well, actually, yes there is. You know, if you schedule in a time to see me, I could get rid of or reduce those scars on your hands there..."

Yep, I am going to Hell.

Big Bro

Anonymous said...

that joke is awesome LMFAO.


Anonymous said...

'tanks! I made it up on the spot!

Nessa said...

Mary: I read your post a couple of days ago and I still find the thought disturbing and I can't figure out why. Bizzarre.

big bro: Your joke is very funny. God has a great sense of humor.

PupSquadFoster said...

You don't want to eat one, I did it once. The skin is pretty leathery, almost plastic really, and the portion is so small that I really finished my meal feeling unsatisfied, plus my niece kept crying about how I ate her lil pony. It just wasn't the best dining experience.

teahouse said...

Hahahaha. I'm so amused by the comments. Oh, and you're totally right about Billy Joel! He DOES look like a beaver! It's the front teeth...