Doin' it Bunny Style

This may be the only version of Brokeback Mountain I care to see :

The bunnies do it again in just 30 seconds :)



tamie said...

OMG... lmao... I don't really ever want to see this movie... but that was really funny :)

SAW said...

There's only so many times that you can hear the phrase "I wish I knew how to quit you."

Spencer M. Hall said...

i love how all of the "brokeback mountain" parodies are popping up everywhere!

Anonymous said...


it's actually funnier if you've seen the movie!

i wonder if the academy saw this version because i think it was WAY better than "crash."

- lori : )

Nessa said...

I saw the movie and the bunnies were much better.

I was very bored. Regardless of what the Academy says, or anyone else for that matter, it was not a good movie.