Just Chillin' Watchin' TV

Okay, this is why I love my cat. He is so cute & funny and he loves to be like us humans. Here he is chillin' on the couch. He'll sit like this for along time just watching tv with us. It's adorable!

Too much CUTE!

Every day I check www.stuffonmycat.com and www.cuteoverload.com - sometimes I check cute overload more than once because they update often and I get bored ("bored" which is code for "I LOVE THE CUTENESS").

Last night my overdose of cute has manifested itself in a wierd-ass dream.

In my dream I drive up to my parent's old house and there are 3 moose standing in the circle drive way in front of the front steps. I totally ignore them and go inside. When I get inside, I finally think "WHY are there 3 moose standing outside my house??!"

Then I see that my parent have a cat with a litter of kittens outside and that one calico kitten has managed to climb up one of the moose and is sitting on his head.

What do I think in my dream?? "HOW CUTE! This would make an awesome picture for cute overload or www.stuffonmycat.com!!!!!"

So, I get my digital camera out of my bag and try to take a picture, but I'm laughing so hard I can't do it.

The moose then begins to walk away down our street with the kitten still on it's head! At that point, I don't want the kitten to get taken off somewhere so I go outside and run up to the moose in order to shoo the kitten down.

The kitten survives his adventure and even in my dreams I can't get a picture for stuffonmycat.com!

Wizard Food

So, the weekend before last, I happened to catch the third Harry Potter movie on cable and really had fun watching it. So, we borrowed all the Harry potter movies from a friend of mine here at work and watched the first two this weekend. There are some really cool things about Harry Potter that you wish really existed like paintings that move and newspapers that are bewitched and animated. I thought that the scene when they ate the candy that made them sound like animals was really cool.

Well, we happened to see these little jewels at Books-A-Million yesterday and thought it'd be fun. We are really big into making our dinner or snacks for the evening match our entertainment (for instance pasta is always good when we watch The Sopranos). Anyways, I really thought that the gross-out flavors would be a joke. But noooooooooo!
After 1 soap flavored jelly bean and 1 bacon flavored jelly bean I really thought I was going to hurl. That combonation was TERRIBLE. After that I tried dirt & grass. Isn't it odd how everyone knows how dirt & grass should taste even though we don't go around eating dirt & grass all the time? I couldn't (and won't) bring myself to try the rest. Patrick went on to try more, but soon become a little green around the gills. He said the sardine flavored one was really amazingly dead-on.

Here is the flavor guide - do you think you could handle it?

Grilled Pony ... Mmmm

I had a dream last night about My Little Ponies. I had a dream that instead of being named like "cotton candy" or "Jubilee Surpise" or whatever, they were named "Chipolte Chicken" or "Lemon Pepper & Garlic"...which are the names of the marinades that we often use at dinner. I thought this was kind of funny because, can you imagine eating a my little pony???

Well, today is just another ordinary Tuesday. Nothing too spectacular going on. Work has been kind of slow. Mostly waiting on people to give me information, playing with photoshop, drawing, and cleaning up a holy mess from last week.

The only other thing that has been going on is that I am totally getting jipped by a plastic surgeon who wants a logo, letterhead, & business card. Can you believe that the guy had the nerve to tell me he wasn't like "other doctors" and didn't have a lot of money. WhatEVAH. He's a damned plastic surgeon. Ugh. I just hope there is a peaceful, decently profitable resolution.

Anyways, that is what I've got for the day. I hope I'll have something more interesting real soon.

Zippity Doo Dah!

We went to the Montgomery Zoo on Sunday to see the new elephants. It was quite fun. Sunday was apparently "See-animals-do-lewd-things" day. We saw a Ms. Chimpanzee pop a squat and take a pee right in front of us. Then Mr. Chimpanzee, well...You know what primates are famous for.

Then, later on, after we had driven home. We were at the ATM and saw two little kitties trying to have a family *ahem*. LOL I'm so immature. Anyways, here are some cool zoo pics I took this weekend!

Here are some other pics I thought I'd throw in of my crazy cat, Figaro. He has his game face on in the first one. And the second picture is a classic "I love to play in boxes" pose!

"A Trip to the Moon on Gossamer Wings"

Here is another Illustration Friday submission (click to enlarge). The theme was "insects".I wanted to try to play with photo-collage this time. I think it lacks a little of the depth that I wanted it to have, but over all, I like the way it turned out. I think there are lots of '"techniques" here that are all different, but still mesh well together.

The name "A Trip to the Moon on Gossamer Wings" comes from an old Cole Porter song. I think it fits this little illustration beautifully.

If any of you are interested in this as a desktop wallpaper, I might be able to do that. Just let me know in the comments!

Doin' it Bunny Style

This may be the only version of Brokeback Mountain I care to see :


The bunnies do it again in just 30 seconds :)

What is Cuter than Cute?

CUTE OVERLOAD! That's what! Come on! You know you can't go to this website and not squeal with cute delight at least ONE TIME.

And there is more than just kittens. There is just oodles of cute stuff. I am making an afternoon of this!