So, I FINALLY updated my links on the sidebar of this blog. Jeope's doesn't work, so I have to go back and fix that here in a minute.

I think that Devon & Mel have given me some inspiration to update my blog look. I used to update the look all the time, but just stopped because I stopped having so much freakin' spare time at work (ah, boohoo!)...

Anyways, I'm going to MAKE time to goof off, by god!

Anywho, just a warning. If you see my blog "naked" in the next couple of days, It is going through transitions. :)



Anonymous said...

oooooooo your blog's epidermis is showing! tee hee!

that's a dumb joke.

- lori

devon spec said...

whoa...... your blog is like, pasty white! guess it wasn't easy been green, and now we're "virginal..." i know better.