Masters of the Universe

So, I'm thinking of going back to school. Well, more than "thinking" about it. I plan on it, I just gotta DO it.

Because I work for an institution of higher learning, I get a lot of nice benefits. One being that after 1 year of work, you are eligible for 5 free credit hours per semester. If I do not take advantage of this, I am really stupid. Especially in light of the fact that I've found the perfect masters program for me.

It is called a Masters of Technical and Professional Communications. I haven't talked to any professors from the program yet, but a fellow co-worker is taking this program and told me all about it. But, I should be able to tailor it to my career goals by making the elective portion of the program geared toward design or web work.

The best part is that I will get my masters degree and only have to pay about $2,000 out of my own pocket for it. How amazing is that. Then if I even out my debt between my two degrees, that will seem normal.

AND to top it all off, Patrick is pretty sure he's going to take advantage of the 50% discounted tuition available for spouses of university employees.

So, that is a big deal on more than one level. :)



Chris Wilson said...

Gitty up then!

Anonymous said...

that sounds awesome! go for it!

- lori : )