Sometimes I feel that just because I am not a total BITCH, nobody listens to me.

Sometimes I wish that I could have one day to say whatever I want and then the next day no one would remember any of it.

Sometimes I wish I had a kitten to play w/just for a little while to cheer me up.

Sometimes I wish I could quit work and go back to grad school and be super creative again.

Sometimes I get little panic attacks walking to my office in the morning when it's really quiet outside.

Sometimes I think that I will never get ahead in my career, because I am smart, no-nonsense and I am not a cutesy-pootsy, silly little, sterotypically "pretty" girl.

Most of the time, none of this shit really bothers me, but today it does. Is my eye twitching?



lori said...

i know (at least i think i know) how you feel. : /

i'm glad you're not a cutesy-poo silly little girl because then you wouldn't be cool. your blog would suck. LOL.

Nessa said...

Sometimes I have all of your same thoughts and feelings.

I never was and still am not that cutesy little girl that can giggle or pout and seem to get want whatever I want. I can't bring myself to do it, because those kind of girls really make me cringe. And when I'm not feeling like a pooh (because sometimes it would be easier to manipulate people into doing what I want - I had excellant training) I remember that I don't even like the people that can be influenced in this way.

Being satisfied with ones' self is success. Don't buy into the easy way to get the rest of it. It will come.

I know it's cliche' but it really is true: It's the journey that's important, not the destination.

Melissa said...

Aww, Mary. :-( Don't feel down! I wouldn't listen to you if you WERE a bitch! Does that help? I know that you are going to do super stuff and your career will explode. You have talent! Plus you're funny as sh*t! :-) And I agree. I'm glad you aren't cutesy-pootsy because I'd probably punch you if you were. Haha!

But today is a new day. A day that will bring you closer to the life you deserve. Don't fret, my pet. I know there are grand things to come for you!

Anonymous said...

But at least you can parallel park.

Mary said...

Thanks everybody for listening to me be a whiney butthole :)

And thanks Big Bro for pointing out something that will always make me laugh.

devon spec said...


but mary, you're gorgeous..... im not sure what you mean about not getting what you want....? is there something you want that you're not getting?

i have had ALL of these thoughts... and more! fo' shizzle. :D