Linky: HOT or NOT
Okay, so somehow I surfed into Hot Or Not today and apparently I am the last person on earth to have seen this site. Just because I am bored, I decided to see what kind of folks put themselves on here. I decided to see men in my age range and I kept clicking "1" over & over again. They all look like assholes. Stuck on themselves assholes. That is just not attractive. I've never been into "hot". "Hot" is temporary and "attractive" is forever. Half the guys have a beer in one hand and that glassy eyed drunken look.

The women? I checked them out too. Why on earth would you (or the men, either for that matter) ask other people to rate you by your appearence alone? Isn't that what women bitch about trying to get away from?

I just don't see much of a positive spin on that website no matter if you get a "hot" rating or a "not" rating.



Jeope said...

There are so many "rate this, rate that" sites out there it's not funny. This one was one of the originators, tho'. I put up my Grade 10 mullet shot as a lark - mebbe you'll come across it if you keep clicking. I suspect most people here are joking around also.

Mary said...

LOL...I'll click all day just to see the mullet shot!!!

I think that most start out as a joke, but I know women and women don't joke about that stuff too much. Guys might. Girls might SAY they are, but when they get a 2.5 out of 10...?

lori said...

wow.. i didn't know that site was still up.

is it a low self esteem thing? is it just something to do so you can say "oh ho ho, my picture is on the internet!" i've never understood it.

i think it's awesome you gave them all 1's. LOL! but now, if they have low self esteem maybe you made them cry. : (


Mary said...

I gave all the dudes ones. If there was a girl that was on there that I thought might have been slighted by the jerks online, I gave them more than a 1 :) LOL

Michelle said...

EEK!! Thanks for reminding me that I put my picture on there months ago jsut for shits and giggles!!! I need to go get that off there!!! Oh, and I put it out there just to see what an average girl like me would get as a rating.....and I got something like 7 if I rememebr corectly. Goes to show IS a superficial site for superficial people.

ps: I used to rate all the "hot" guys 1's also..hehe

Pepper said...

It's a genius website: it's the only place you'll get real honesty.

I love it.

Nessa said...

Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame. I guess this is one way to get it. I think it's sad.

Mary said...

Based on a votes bye a particular group of people with similar standards, yeah, it is honest on that one factor- superficial hotness.

I think it becomes really bad when a person tries to define their selfworth based on one factor. And really hurtful when others try to judge your value as a person by just one factor.

So, therefore, I don't understand why someone would want to subject themselves to judgement based on one factor alone.

If you applied for a job somewhere, would you want them to judge your qualifications by your educational background alone? Or would you want a chance to let them see what kind of person you are?

Anonymous said...


ugh. i was hoping you were exaggerating slightly about this yucky website, so i clicked your link...and you're right!! it is sooo horrid.
you know what i found more disturbing then the fact that people post these pictures? how it tells you the last time the person went on the website to see what he/she was would say "last logged on...100 minutes ago" or something.
ugh! do people really need that type of fake validation??