Dorky Me.

Move me to a big city cuz this girl can PARK! Maybe it's a dorky thing to brag about, but I realized today that I am a damn good parallel parker. I had to do it twice today and got it perfect the first time around. And I'm a small-town girl -- we never have to parallel park!

Other dorky things I did today:
-Bought 3 comic books (for the HOWiezine I'm working on)
-Looked and Garbage Pail Kids trading cards
-Thought about buying a Darth Vader lollypop holder



Anonymous said...

What sort of comic book?

Mary said...

I got 5 in all. I'm going to cut them up for a 'zine I'm doing *gasp*

The Amazing Spiderman: The OTHER Evolve or Die 9 of 12

Superman : Infinite Crisis Crossover

Wonder Woman : Amazons Attacked

Batman: All They Do Is Watch Us Kill

Adventures of Superman : #647

Nessa said...

Parallel parking is a great achievement. Not many people can do it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh...the Batman one is a good one. I read that one. I think I read the Spiderman one too.

teahouse said...

Hey, I'm a good parallel parker as well! I've always been proud of that..nice to know there are others out there!

Pepper said...

HEY, you capitalize Darth Vader, sweetie. Show some respect to the man who brough balance to the force.

I out-dorked you on your own blog.

lori said...

yes! parallel parking is an awesome talent! i learned how when my friend lucy lived in an apartment and there was NEVER any parking around.

that's just one more reason why you ROCK.

Mary said...

LOL, fresh... Leave it to you to out-dork somebody :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my blog entry that one of those parallel parks was a MINI-VAN. Oh yeeeaaaah. I get extra points for that. Gotta love the beautiful vehicles that the university provides for us for errand running.

Mary said...

My wrongs have been righted. Forgive me Dark Father of the force.

Andrew said...

Parallel parking is a necessity in The City (aka San Francisco), the area I'm originally from. In fact, it's on the California State driving test. It was the last portion of the driving test, and by that time, I had already glanced at the, uh, test person's (proctor's?) score sheet and saw I would pass, which was a relief because I knew I would eff up the parallel parking. And...I...did!

As for the comic books, I don't know what project you're working on, but here are some I like and think you may, too, from a layout and graphic illustration perspective: Concrete by Paul Chadwick, Hellboy by Mike Mignola, early Sin City by Frank Miller and Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho. (The latter specializes in "pin-up girl" artwork, but no nudity in Liberty Meadows.) If you like the WRITING in the Amazing Spider-Man, check out JMS' other book, "Supreme Power." The stories are fantastic and the artwork is an eye catch. JMS was the creator/writer/producer/whatever of Babylon 5, by the way. I'm pretty dorky, too!

Oh, yes, and all hail Lord Vader! Gotta have the black lightning. I loves me some black lightning!

Unknown said...

I had to parallel park (for the first time since doing it for my drivers test) last spring, and I was so excited at how well I did that I took pictures of it on my cell phone.

Yeah, I'm that dorky. :D