Best In Show *woof*

So, I do have some good news. I got a "Best In Show" award for my "How To Be An Auburn Tiger" design in the Annual Admissions Advertising Awards.

The best news is that it is more than just "here's my entry fee, now give me my certificate"'s an actual award.


Here are some images of the piece I designed. The final produced piece had rounded corners and a grommit at one corner so that when you viewed the piece it fanned out. Click on them to see them better.

The cover at top & the back of each information page had "tiger tips" on them. Each tip was something said by a real student. We had our intern collect the tips.

These are 3 of my favorite inside pages. There were hand-drawn doodles through-out the entire campaign, but I got to draw a "how-to" roll toomer's corner. Auburn Fans will know what that means!



Anonymous said...

That is phuckin awesome!!! Any pics of the award?

Man, yet another one to jot down in ye olde resume and portfolio.

I am impressed...even if I am yo brutha.

Mary said...

Naw, there might be a certificate that comes along eventually, but most of these awards don't come with much of an actual "AWARD"...just words :)

tamie said...

congrats :)

Nessa said...

This piece looks like so much fun. Very attention grabbing and interesting. I want one to read.

Congrats on the well deserved award.

Andrew said...

Very nice design. I love the feel of the mock "pages torn from student notebooks." Creative. I'm always in awe of anyone with artistic talent. I can't draw a bucket up a well.

Jeope said...

I don't need no steenkin' eenfomation page to tell me how to be a tiger!

(noice, btw.)

Melissa said...

YAY FOR MARY!!!! Awesome project, girl! The notebook pages are so napolean dynamite reminiscent! :-) How to live like a liger! Haha! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...


congrats, mary!! those are like the most beautiful cats in the entire world. very artistic of you!! :)

Unknown said...

Why doesn't Auburn just simplify everything and call yourselves the Tiger Eagles or Eagle Tigers? I get so confused... ;-)


Anonymous said...

WOW! You did a very good job!