Best In Show *woof*

So, I do have some good news. I got a "Best In Show" award for my "How To Be An Auburn Tiger" design in the Annual Admissions Advertising Awards.

The best news is that it is more than just "here's my entry fee, now give me my certificate"'s an actual award.


Here are some images of the piece I designed. The final produced piece had rounded corners and a grommit at one corner so that when you viewed the piece it fanned out. Click on them to see them better.

The cover at top & the back of each information page had "tiger tips" on them. Each tip was something said by a real student. We had our intern collect the tips.

These are 3 of my favorite inside pages. There were hand-drawn doodles through-out the entire campaign, but I got to draw a "how-to" roll toomer's corner. Auburn Fans will know what that means!


Sometimes I feel that just because I am not a total BITCH, nobody listens to me.

Sometimes I wish that I could have one day to say whatever I want and then the next day no one would remember any of it.

Sometimes I wish I had a kitten to play w/just for a little while to cheer me up.

Sometimes I wish I could quit work and go back to grad school and be super creative again.

Sometimes I get little panic attacks walking to my office in the morning when it's really quiet outside.

Sometimes I think that I will never get ahead in my career, because I am smart, no-nonsense and I am not a cutesy-pootsy, silly little, sterotypically "pretty" girl.

Most of the time, none of this shit really bothers me, but today it does. Is my eye twitching?

Dorky Me.

Move me to a big city cuz this girl can PARK! Maybe it's a dorky thing to brag about, but I realized today that I am a damn good parallel parker. I had to do it twice today and got it perfect the first time around. And I'm a small-town girl -- we never have to parallel park!

Other dorky things I did today:
-Bought 3 comic books (for the HOWiezine I'm working on)
-Looked and Garbage Pail Kids trading cards
-Thought about buying a Darth Vader lollypop holder

Illustration Friday - E is for Enormous

>>click image to enlarge<<

Here is my 2nd attempt at Illustration Friday. This time I'll actually have it done in time to add it to the website list. Yay! So far this is a lot of fun and really helps me fill up a sketchbook. I like "assignments".

My technique this time was nothing fancy. Sketchbook drawings until I got it how I wanted it then I scanned it in and used photoshop for the color. It is like a high-tech coloring book page, basically. Which is fun, so why not?

Illustration (LAST) Friday - "Sea"

>>click image to see larger<<

So, I wanted to do the whole illustration friday thing, but I was all wrong about how the friday to friday period works, so I am a week behind and I don't get to add my link to the list, but I did it anyways!!

I don't do illustration very often because it is very time-consuming, but I LOVE IT! It is so much fun. The theme was "Sea" and the first thing that came to mind was a whale, so I found a reference to draw from and began drawing the whale's form as closely as possible. Then I began to simplify that into a simple line drawing.

I was wearing corduroy pants yesterday which made me think of the lines on the underside of a blue whale, so I thought about how cool it would be to use textures to "paint" the blue whales color. So, I used a corduroy texture for the underside and dirty concrete for the rest of him. The water is a water texture I found and adjusted the colors for a "sea" appearance. Then I took the burn/dodge tool in photoshop to add more color variations and shadows.

Overall, I'm super happy with this and I learned that I CAN do illustration and I need to practice more!

The Georgia Aquarium

Ah, the majesty of nature...
Here are some snaps I got at the Georgia Aquarium in ATL a couple of weekends ago. It is a pretty awesome place, but good lord was it crowded! An ATL'an from the HOW forum mentioned that they have stopped issuing year passes because they are always over capacity. Anways, let nature speak for itself. If you want to see them larger (which you should) click on the image!

The Great Barrier Reef.

Jellyfish - duh!

Another shot of the reef.

Lots of teeny tiny fish! Pretty neat.

Mr. Ray!

1 of 5 Beluga Whales.

Giant Octopus

Leafy Sea Dragon

Whale Shark with his entourage.

Cutey little penguin!


Linky: HOT or NOT
Okay, so somehow I surfed into Hot Or Not today and apparently I am the last person on earth to have seen this site. Just because I am bored, I decided to see what kind of folks put themselves on here. I decided to see men in my age range and I kept clicking "1" over & over again. They all look like assholes. Stuck on themselves assholes. That is just not attractive. I've never been into "hot". "Hot" is temporary and "attractive" is forever. Half the guys have a beer in one hand and that glassy eyed drunken look.

The women? I checked them out too. Why on earth would you (or the men, either for that matter) ask other people to rate you by your appearence alone? Isn't that what women bitch about trying to get away from?

I just don't see much of a positive spin on that website no matter if you get a "hot" rating or a "not" rating.