LSAT - "L" Is for Liar

Patrick takes the LSAT on Saturday. He has been practicing SO MUCH. I know he will do well! Wish him luck!! Because I do have some lawyer folk who visit the blog, I thought you might get a huge kick out of this.

This dumb girl tried to give Patrick advice about the LSAT and it was funny because OBVIOUSLY she had no clue what was on an LSAT and had never taken one, but was trying to impress everybody. The first thing she did was give him some information about constitutional law to study for the LSAT. Um, what section is constitutional law in? Duh.

Second, she said (with all seriousness) that her "law professor" told her that in order to prepare, they should start thinking in 'legalese' for instance saying 'I concur' rather than 'I agree'.

There aer no law professors here. There is no pre-law. It just doesn't exist at this University! Also, the LSAT conists of Logic Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension and NOT Constitutional Law. I hate liars. I hate DUMB liars even more.
Oh, and she said that she never got her scores reported to her either. Hmm, I wonder why?



Pepper said...

THAT girl is going to make a great attorney

Anonymous said...

I concur with your sentiments.

I know that Patrick did damn well.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny man.


Anonymous said...


OMG....please tell patrick good luck for me!!!
i took the lsat and it's a horrid, horrid test...he will think it's the worst ever...until he takes the bar. hopefully, he won't have to take it twice, like i did. :)
but yeah...there is NO LAW AT ALL on the lsat...silly girl.