Go ahead, spy on me.

See if I care.

There are two things that have been really pissing me off in the news lately. Both of them are thorns in the paw of some really obnoxious democrat that just gets a kick out of stiring up a shit storm so he can see himself commenting on CNN.

The first is something that is beginning to die down a bit, but still bothers me : The USA shouldn't condone torturing "terrorists". Why not? Lots of people would disagree with me, but then I would remind them about the incident(s) about a year and a half ago when terrorist groups were cutting off the HEADS of American and foreign prisoners. And we can't torture a terrorist a little to get some information out of them? What ever happened to an eye for an eye? I think if that is still an applicable adage, then the United States is still the bigger man.

The second is the issue with GWB "spying" on the American people. This one REALLY pisses me off. How in the hell do you expect us to intercept certain kinds of communication without a little spying? And what the hell are these people belly-aching about anyways? They aren't terrorists, are they? Maybe a few U.S. Senators or congressman have some kiddy porn on their laptops they don't want anyone to know about.

Personally, I don't give a shit if the US is tapping into a few computers that they believe to be communicating with terrorist groups because they can fish through my computer all day long and not find anything. Where were these people when little Janey-Sue was getting fined thousands of dollars for illegal music downloads? Doesn't that mean that someone was "spying" on her?

I believe strongly in American rights. It is what is so great about this country. But, when I hear people making ridiculous arguments against the better decision for the majority, I get mad. If the US government said that from now on we monitor internet communications for terrorists and child pornographers and that could mean that anyone's information could be compromised, then I'd say BRING IT ON. As long as they weren't able to get my bank info why should I care?

And as for torturing terrorists, I think it's too bad that some poor, dumb soldier is the one that has to take the blame for it all when the shit hits the fan, but those people have no respect for us or our country so why should we be gentle with them? I do find some comfort in the fact that I think that the US military has been torturing people all along, but just haven't told us about it.



teahouse said...

Well, I think the problem that arises is that we know from past experience what unchecked power in the hands of the Executive branch and the prosecutors can do to innocent people. That's the fear here. Check out the story of Wen Ho Lee. Arrested, held for 278 days in solitary confinement, many surmise completely based on his Asian ethnicity. And later received an apology from the federal judge. Personally, on the issue of torture, I think that everyone has been watching too much "24." In my book, torture is never an option.

Mary said...

I certainly see what you mean. I mean, innocent people get mistreated often. Many times even spending decades in jail then being found innocent of a crime. It doesn't happen often, but more often than we'd all hope.

In Wen Ho Lee's case it looks like they just had a bad hunch and worked very slowly like the US Gov. always seems to do. And yes, I think it could have been racially motivated. But, I don't know that the gov't way of obtaining the information on Wen Ho Lee was the fault as much as how it handled in the information when it was recieved. There have been many cases where the US Gov. has unfairly prolonged the justice process and just sort of "sat on" something for far too long.

I don't watch 24, so I dunno the connection. All I am saying is that I think that it is ridiculous how humiliation and mind games is now "torturous" and considered as bad as beating someone to death. Granted it is immature for you and your buddies to pose for pictures and let it get out into the media, but I hardly think that it qualifys as torture. There were other claims made related to all of that. claims of worse acts, and they don't talk about that stuff. They didn't take pictures so they can't prove it? I dunno...

I watch too much CNN

Anonymous said...

The problem about the 'spying' isn't the spying itself. It is the president. He okayed this to happen without going through steps to do it legally. He thinks whatever he says or does needs to be followed with no questions asked. It is getting ridiculous with how many laws his administration has broken. This is a sad day. If these things would have been going on a few decades ago, the country would be in a bigger uproar and he would be impeached. The lack of concern for his many illegal acts is concerning. How can we just sit back and watch this stuff happen? He should be held accountable for all that he has done.

And I think torture should be zero tolerance. We should not need to stoop to the level of these barbarians. The world watches the U.S. and we should be an example to them. But we aren't. This country is in a sad terrible state, and if anyone that is reading this and doesn't believe it; you're part of the problem.


Andrew said...

Your opinions and mine may not intersect at all points, but I respect that you state them well, as usual. Good post.

lori said...

i don't think george bush will ever make everyone happy. i think there are people who are so consumed with dislike for him as a person that no matter what policy he enacts those people will be unhappy with it just based on the fact that it is his policy.

george bush could say that he was giving illegal immigrants each $1 million dollars and the people who dislike him would still complain about it.

Anonymous said...


i don't think any of this has to do with dislike for george bush. if clinton were torturing anyone who wasn't fortunate enough to be born here and openly spying on people while still saying he supports personal rights, i would still be totally upset.
the problem with spying is that you open a huge floodgate of activity that you will then allow. where will the government be held accountable? whose rights are we deciding can be abused and why? this is where that idea of personal freedom for all comes into play.