Look folks, there's MORE!

Aw, ain't we sweet? I got him to pose with me before he left for work. There just can't be enough pics of us.

My kitty cat shoes!

My camera cyborg eye.



Pepper said...

Your boy is great, but I have an urge to travel the world and destroy every pair of those shoes that exist.

Mary said...

LOL the shoes are pretty sugar-sweet-girly-poo LOL

Melissa said...

I want the shoes!!! They are delightful!! And you and Patrick look so darn cute! Say it with me....awwwwwwwww!

By the way, you are not alone in your desire to wear costumes. Rob and I own like 20 masks, 8 wigs, and a gorilla suit that make random appearances throughout the year. The other day when I was sleeping, he came to bed wearing one and totally freaked me out!!

lori said...


: D

Mary said...

*blush* mary=pretty CAH-RAY-ZAY! :P