The Holidaze Begin

Ah, Thanksgiving Holiday. A time for turkey and starting a frenzy of home-organizational projects that you don't have time to finish. I always try to make the most of my days off and do things that I normally do not have time to do. This holiday my big idea was cleaning out closets and tossing clothes. Well, That was a huuuge mistake because I didn't have time to finish and now I've got a sea of clothes and hangers in the floor of my computer room (which is where I do my freelance work and other crafty junk). Here is one of the many piles of clothes!

Anyways, the other thing I wanted to do I did acomplish, and that is setting up our first Christamas tree. A few years ago I had a tiny little 2ft tree with tiny ornaments, but this is a 6ft fake, plAAAaaaastic tree from Wal*mart (radiohead fans will get that one).

Anyways, I love our tree! We have cool ornaments like Spongebob & StarWars & Rudolph. We also bought some that we liked because they look old-fashioned like what we had when we were kids. Then, we've got our favorite animals on there...polar bears, elephants, and cats! Then, we each have a stocking (yes, our cat has one too...he is like a child -but furrier LOL)....

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



lori said...

your tree is preeeety! the stockings are cute too!

we're not going to finish decorating our place until it gets closer to our xmas party. i love xmas decorations!

Michelle said...

Awwww I love your tree!!! And you have presents under it already!! Whoo hooooo :)

Andrew said...

I'm with you on the half-assed cleaning projects. I start in on the piles of stuff I've got lying around, and I'll run across, say, a 6-month old issue of "Premiere" or something. Two hours later, I've finished "Premiere" (reading even the interview with Heather Graham and the article on the "Jaws" set design), but the piles are still all over the house.

Mary said...

Lori - I like the tree lights at night, that is my favorite. I knew If I didn't get them up during Thanksgiving, I'd never get them set up!

Chelle - thanks for stopping by! Yes, I am waaaaay ahead of the present game this year. I guess that is what happens when you only get paid once a month. I work for "the man".

Andy - I do the same damn thing too. I start going through stuff and I am like "OH shit! I totally forgot I had this...." and then I've screwed my project up for the rest of the day.

devon spec said...

mary!!! :D i love your kitties stocking! where did you get it?!

my tree is up too, and ALL my shopping is done! yay!!!