Cat Extravaganza!

1. Look at those FEROCIOUS fangs - and cute little pink mouth!
2. Sleepy figaro naps on his back.
3. Close up on the eye of the tiger.
4. Cheesecake pose! He sleeps like this all the time.
5. Streeeeeetch!
6. His favorite chew toy is my hand sometimes.
7. This is the "PLLLEAASE PLAY WITH ME" look.
8. Chillin' on the couch.
9. This is Figaro with his little pony Sew&Sew that auntie Devon sent. He stole it from me and he abuses her often.
10. YAAAAWN. In slow-mo.
11. The Majestic domesticated feline lurks within the flowers.
12. Hanging out by his toy-box.
13. Another cutie pose. He's soooo adorable like this.

Crazy Me

Yay for the superhero look! Oh, and the second one is just me being Queen Amadalla (sp?) with my mud mask and a stick of red lipstick! I am 27 and everyday is halloween. LOL Please tell me that other people do stupid stuff like this too.



Anonymous said...


YES YES YES!!! please keep the kitty pictures coming!!! i have this beautiful black and white kitty as well and i just LOOOOOVE tuxedo cats!
and mary, you look good in those other two as well!

Andrew said...

I have to go with #10 as my favorite cat picture. (And shouldn't the photos have been headed "CATravaganza"?) ;-)

As for your photos, let me see, "Poison Ivy" as the superheroine, and, what, no Leia gold bikini for the Star Wars inspired one...? :-) (< Dork)

Mary said...

Nope, no Leia outfit. But, when I was a kid, I did have R2D2 underoos.

Jeope said...

R2D2 underoos? Ha! I'm telling!

Love the Amidala get-up. I'm sure other people do this ... I just can't think of any.

Joking. The inner child rulz!