Do you see what I see?

A member of the HOW design forum saw the "feminine" references in this logo. Maybe mother earth needs to keep her legs shut.

Random Facts About...

Okay, this site is FREAKIN' HILLARIOUS! It is a random fact generator for Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel and Mr. T...The Chuck Norris ones are good and the Vin Diesel ones are good! The Mr. T ones are pretty good too, but I think Mr. T is too obvious a target.

My favorites:
Vin Diesel:
-Crop circles are Vin's way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie the fuck down.
Chuck Norris:
-The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.
-Chuck Norris is not hung like a horse... horses are hung like Chuck Norris

LMFAO...the crop circles one is KILLING me. lie the fuck down... LOL


The Holidaze Begin

Ah, Thanksgiving Holiday. A time for turkey and starting a frenzy of home-organizational projects that you don't have time to finish. I always try to make the most of my days off and do things that I normally do not have time to do. This holiday my big idea was cleaning out closets and tossing clothes. Well, That was a huuuge mistake because I didn't have time to finish and now I've got a sea of clothes and hangers in the floor of my computer room (which is where I do my freelance work and other crafty junk). Here is one of the many piles of clothes!

Anyways, the other thing I wanted to do I did acomplish, and that is setting up our first Christamas tree. A few years ago I had a tiny little 2ft tree with tiny ornaments, but this is a 6ft fake, plAAAaaaastic tree from Wal*mart (radiohead fans will get that one).

Anyways, I love our tree! We have cool ornaments like Spongebob & StarWars & Rudolph. We also bought some that we liked because they look old-fashioned like what we had when we were kids. Then, we've got our favorite animals on there...polar bears, elephants, and cats! Then, we each have a stocking (yes, our cat has one too...he is like a child -but furrier LOL)....

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Look folks, there's MORE!

Aw, ain't we sweet? I got him to pose with me before he left for work. There just can't be enough pics of us.

My kitty cat shoes!

My camera cyborg eye.

Cat Extravaganza!

1. Look at those FEROCIOUS fangs - and cute little pink mouth!
2. Sleepy figaro naps on his back.
3. Close up on the eye of the tiger.
4. Cheesecake pose! He sleeps like this all the time.
5. Streeeeeetch!
6. His favorite chew toy is my hand sometimes.
7. This is the "PLLLEAASE PLAY WITH ME" look.
8. Chillin' on the couch.
9. This is Figaro with his little pony Sew&Sew that auntie Devon sent. He stole it from me and he abuses her often.
10. YAAAAWN. In slow-mo.
11. The Majestic domesticated feline lurks within the flowers.
12. Hanging out by his toy-box.
13. Another cutie pose. He's soooo adorable like this.

Crazy Me

Yay for the superhero look! Oh, and the second one is just me being Queen Amadalla (sp?) with my mud mask and a stick of red lipstick! I am 27 and everyday is halloween. LOL Please tell me that other people do stupid stuff like this too.

Team Rivalry

I don't get into football, but I do love to get into the mix at the office because it's just amazing the fun you can have with office supplies! We work at one University, the owner of the elephant works here too, but graduated from our rivalry school and display's their elephant proudly. The elephant has been strung up in the blinds among other numerous unspeakable things. Tomorrow is the big rivalry game and she found this on her desk after a meeting. I was there to document the crime scene. Some parts have been blurred to protect the innocent.

Too much booty in the track pants!

Click here for a hillarious version of a popular song AND keep watching for some booty!

There is just way too much stuff online to do now when you've got super fast internet connection at work like I do! I can't get anything done! I want to watch google videos now! DAMMIT!

Move Over Spongebob...

So, you have to admit, any pet lover talks to their pet. I am guilty as hell of singing to my cat. He loves it. He's my biggest fan. I insert his name or "mew" for "you" when I sing to him, but this is my favorite:

Figaro KittenPants

Oooooh! Who craps in the catbox under the sink?
Black and white and furry is he!
If cute kitten lovin' be something you wish...
Then give him some treats, they're so delish!

Mew, mew mew mew mew mew MEOW

My big bro is getting Married in Vegas!

Well, my big brother has beat me to the alter (which I always knew he would). He and his fiance are going to be married in Vegas a couple of days before Thanksgiving!! I am not going to be able to go...I thought about getting a cheap flight in and then just leaving the next day, but the tickets are like $400 because it is so close to Thanksgiving.

Anyway, a toast to Jim & Lee and their Graceland Wedding Chapel wedding! I hope you've got Elvis taking pictures and Video-taping because I'm gonna want to see this eventually!!!

A linky-link to their page on -----> Jim & Lee's Wedding Page

Practically Meditating

I've been on this website and they have a little built-in media player that defaults to a Goldfish song that is really, really making me melllloooooow.

I totally need to update...

But, I've been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

That's pretty busy.