Yay for Greece!

Saturday Patrick and I left out of Auburn for Atl., GA's Greek Festival. Basically, it is a stuff-your-face-with-Greek-food Festival! It is held at the big Greek Othodox church there and they have music and shops, but mostly food! We each had the sampler combo plate and it was soooooooo good!

After we ate, we bought tons of Greek pasteries and went around to the different shops. I bought 3 wooden animal figurines from the Russian shop. They are so cute and hand-painted. I got a bunny, an elephant, and a cat. They are so colorful and fun.

After that we went to downtown atlanta to our hotel - the Marriott Marquis. It was pretty big and the bed was niiiice. You really realize how crappy your mattress is after you've slept on a fresh, plump one. Anyways, we ate Greek Pasteries and watched Star Wars Episode III on the in-room movies and just hung out in the room and did a little people watching from the 28th floor.

I had the most expensive breakfast of my life the next morning at the hotel restaurant. They had a specialty buffet where they will make you waffles and omlets and stuff. It was good, but I've never spent $17 on breakfast for one person before. I can't possibly eat $17 worth of food. I should have lined my purse with bagels or something LOL

It was a fun, relaxing weekend. Next time I'm NOT getting my room through priceline though...The hotels have just as good deals....especially after you pay the $20 valet parking fee...

I'm so cheap :)



lori said...

i used to work for marriott.

we hated priceline guests and usually gave them the worst rooms. you know why? most priceline guests are the WORST. they want EVERYTHING. free upgrades...the best rooms (that are usually reserved for frequent guests). ugh.

marriott just spent a shitload of money updating their bedding. i think it was worth it.

i could go on and on.

Mary said...

I kinda figured that priceline people get the crappy end of everything. That is another reason I am not doing the priceline thing again. It didn't prove to be any trouble, but ... the floor we were on was right underneath the 5 or so floors they were renovating, so Until about 8pm we heard knocking & banging.

Anonymous said...


greek food, yum!! that is my fave kind of food!!! i could eat hummus and chicken gyros and greek salad everyday...haha.
glad you and patrick had fun!

lori said...

the only time i got a negative comment card written about me was with priceline people. they called wanting to be guaranteed a king bed. i couldn't guarantee it to them because we don't guarantee anything to pricelines. the guy was totally adamant about having a king bed and i tried to explain how i can't guarantee it because if something happens and i can't get it for him then it makes me look like a liar, right? i said that i would put the request in and when he came to check in we would do our best. he threw a FIT. the next day this comment card was in my mailbox writing about how the person on the phone wasn't helpful and how when they checked in the person was VERY accomodating and got them everything they needed.

i think he said something about "you should never promote that person" and i had just been promoted for the second time. LMAO.

Mary said...

I try my best never to give customer service people shit when I know they are only doing what they have to do in order to do their job. But, I really think that most people are too stupid to understand that concept.

It would be a pain in the ass dealing with any joesmoe that got a priceline room.

I won't use priceline anymore because you can get the same kinda deal through the hotel if you call. The Marriot I got thru priceline had a deal for $150 that was one night, parking, breakfast, and strawberries & champagne... woulda been cheaper & easier to do that!