I feel like poo.

Last week I was out sick on Friday. Well, i thought I felt like crap THEN. Today has been the worst day! My neck is aching and stiff, my body aches, my throat is raw, I have an earache and a headache. ACHE ACHE ACHE! Blah.

Anyways, last night I couldn't breathe because my nose was all stopped up, so I had to breathe in that sick, mouth-gaping kinda way. Well, you know how your throat gets all sore and dry when you have to do that?

I kept having dreams I was choking and my throat had swollen shut and I was running to the bathroom and splashing water in my mouth. I got up so many times last night and was so out of it, I barely know what was a dream and what was real!



Anonymous said...


your last line...you got up so many times, you didn't know what was real and what was a dream....i wonder if that would be an effective defense to murder?
"your honor, my client was in-between dream states and reality...she therefore could not be expected to know right from wrong."
i will remember that if i am ever a defense attorney. thanks, mary!!! heheeee. :)
to be serious for a sec, i am sorry you're sick. that is no fun at all.

lori said...

oh no... sounds like the flu : (

i HATE having a stuffed nose more than anything. and, unfortunately, when i get sick the nose is the first thing to go. bleh.

chamomile tea helps with the sore throat.... if you like tea.

Anonymous said...

Get better chica.