Reason #1...

to never buy pants from an outlet store. Yesterday, I noticed after god only knows how long of walking around town that my pants were ripped in the back. When I noticed, I jetted home to change, and I couldn't believe it! They were ripped from the waistband alllllll the way to the point where the back of the pants become the FRONT of the pants! We are talking about 12 inches of rip, here! Let's just say, that it will be a long time before I go back to Walgreens.

The seam in the pants was not busted, it just came unraveled. I am going to go to a taylor and have them fix the pants because they are great except for that minor ass-hanging-out problem. As they are now, they are more like chaps than pants.

I Still Feel like Poo.

So, I was sick thursday and friday and saturday and sunday and today and for what seems like FOREVER. I am back at work today, but I feel like arse.
Thanks for all the well-wishes though. Being sick sucks butt.

I feel like poo.

Last week I was out sick on Friday. Well, i thought I felt like crap THEN. Today has been the worst day! My neck is aching and stiff, my body aches, my throat is raw, I have an earache and a headache. ACHE ACHE ACHE! Blah.

Anyways, last night I couldn't breathe because my nose was all stopped up, so I had to breathe in that sick, mouth-gaping kinda way. Well, you know how your throat gets all sore and dry when you have to do that?

I kept having dreams I was choking and my throat had swollen shut and I was running to the bathroom and splashing water in my mouth. I got up so many times last night and was so out of it, I barely know what was a dream and what was real!

Bareback Mountain...EWAH

So, I just got done watching a trailer for the movie Brokeback Mountain on my newly downloaded iTunes 6.0... Well, I just want to say that it is a total GD shame the way those boys are carrying on in that movie.

If I EVER thought two hollywood guys were cute - which most of the time I don't, I've never been one to go all lusty for the hollywood types - I would always name Donnie Darko and Heath Ledger as my favorites. But now they have ruined it with their gay cowboy secrets. EEEwAH!!!!!!!

Dumb dream snippets

Ever had dumb dreams that are only like 10 seconds long and they don't go with anything else? Here's mine from last night...

I dreamed that Patrick and I made our friend Jeremy buy a giant bag of prunes just so that people at the check out would make fun of him. After he bought then and got made fun of, he asked us why the hell he had to buy so many prunes. When we told him it was a joke, he started laughing and spitting out this granola bar he was eating...


Yay for Greece!

Saturday Patrick and I left out of Auburn for Atl., GA's Greek Festival. Basically, it is a stuff-your-face-with-Greek-food Festival! It is held at the big Greek Othodox church there and they have music and shops, but mostly food! We each had the sampler combo plate and it was soooooooo good!

After we ate, we bought tons of Greek pasteries and went around to the different shops. I bought 3 wooden animal figurines from the Russian shop. They are so cute and hand-painted. I got a bunny, an elephant, and a cat. They are so colorful and fun.

After that we went to downtown atlanta to our hotel - the Marriott Marquis. It was pretty big and the bed was niiiice. You really realize how crappy your mattress is after you've slept on a fresh, plump one. Anyways, we ate Greek Pasteries and watched Star Wars Episode III on the in-room movies and just hung out in the room and did a little people watching from the 28th floor.

I had the most expensive breakfast of my life the next morning at the hotel restaurant. They had a specialty buffet where they will make you waffles and omlets and stuff. It was good, but I've never spent $17 on breakfast for one person before. I can't possibly eat $17 worth of food. I should have lined my purse with bagels or something LOL

It was a fun, relaxing weekend. Next time I'm NOT getting my room through priceline though...The hotels have just as good deals....especially after you pay the $20 valet parking fee...

I'm so cheap :)

I love this stuff!

Patrick bought me THIS STUFF (click me) at bath and body works last night. I love it. It is Creme Brulee and it smells soooo sweet. I got the body wash, lotion, and perfume...
I'm a walking sweet tooth.

50% tax anyone?

So, I just found out that I get totally screwed if I do extra work (aside from there being forms to be filled out, signatures to get, and approval to be made all the while cutting wads of red tape).

Get a huge manure load of this : activities for extra compensation are taxed higher than usual income. Like 30% higher. WTFing hell is that about? I'm fairly enraged. They say I'll get it back in taxes. However, i won't even get paid for this job until January or February of NEXT YEAR, so that means in 1.5 years (from January or February) I'll see the other HALF of my money. WTF?!!!!


I swear to God that if you are poor you stay poor no matter how hard you work and no matter how smart you are. F'ing Capitalist swine like G. Bush and my state's governor keep taxing the poorest and letting the rich MFers just get away with whatever they want to. It is ridiculous that on my measly income I get taxed SO much. I end up having to Pay taxes each year which makes no sense because I live pay check to pay check by sending the power co. the phone bill check and the phone bill check to the power company if you know what I mean.

We need a democratic president. I don't even give a shit if it is that evil beyatch, Hillary. Of course, Bush is really setting us up to be a republican, capitalist, conservative piece of shit country for the next gazillion years that John Roberts is the Chief Justice along with that witchy-looking former personal attorny of his that he is going to push into assignment. She's never even been a judge!

Anyways, to hell with this, I'm moving to Australia or something.