Random Crap Because I feel Like Blogging Again

- Last night I had a dream that Patrick and a friend of his (who was represented in my dream by a guy named Heath I went to H.S. with) joined the Navy. I was sad and cried.

- The HOW forum got me thinking about my favorite childhood books last night and I remembered how I loved a book called "Scat, Scat, Go Away Cat".

- When I was a little kid I would cry at Benji movies and the Garfield cartoon where Odie got put in the pound and Garfield saves him.

- I recently got a "trophy mug" and a $10 gift certificate from work as a reward for my work on the Admissions materials. Yay! I still haven't used the gift certificate yet.

- I can't wait until Oct. 8th - it is Greek Festival time in ATL. again.

- My coworker went to china and brought us each back a cool little resin figurine. Mine is of a dragon-headed turtle. I put him in my desk zen garden.

- I watched old Cosby Show reruns on Nick last night. When Patrick got home we started talking about how we missed being kids. I was telling him how I wish I could be as happy as I was when I was a kid doing something I liked. I'm happy now, but when you are a kid, happy is also a rush of exitement.

- If you like Brittish humor, I suggest a show called "Father Ted" that was a BBC comedy that ran during the late 90's or so (might still be around for all I know) we got it on DVD through netflix and it is HILARIOUS. I don't even like Brit humor so much.



lori said...

greek festivals are AWESOME! we've been to this smallish one in OC a couple times. they always have good food and good music. they haven't had a petting zoo in awhile though which pisses me off because i want to pet a pig.

Anonymous said...


yay!! i LOVE garfield comics...i have like 15-20 garfield books!!!
and btw...please feel free to post as many pics of mr. fig, your adorable kitty, as possible! :)

Mary said...

Krista, when I was a kid I was a HUGE garfield fan because our birthdays are the same date. He first appeared in newspapers June 19th, 1978 the exact day & year I was born! He always celebrates his birthday in the newspapers and I always thought was sooooo cool when I was a kid!

Anonymous said...


OMG!! mary, that is such a kick ass story....i didn't know when garfield comics started. they make me laugh so much...i always wanted a garfield cat....though not as destructive. :)

Anonymous said...

You cried at Benji movies since you were in a high chair. One time we decided to turn off the sound (it was sad music), and you quit crying...turned it back up, and you started bawling again.

Big Bro