This is his most adorable look. He sits at his toy box and looks up and me like "Please won't you play with me?"... Looks a little familiar, huh?

I just thought this close up was cute!

My hand ends up being what he likes to play with most. However, he doesn't hurt me so I dont mind!

This is my kitchen. I just think it is kinda cute now that we have all the old vintage signs on the cabinet doors...

R-L, F-B : Patrick, Saad, Joey, Stephanie holding Cheyenne. Joey & Steph are my friends from South Carolina and their daughter Cheyenne who is a little cutie! She turned two Aug. 24th. Saad is our friend who used to be my upstairs neighbor. Saad & Steph rock! I miss hanging out like this it was fun!

We got Cheyenne a free birthday cake at O'Charley's, but I am not sure if it was more for Cheyenne or Patrick who was really wanting some Cake! LOL

This one is almost completely unrelated, but I put the engagement ring and wedding band I want together in a picture to see how I'd like them. Me likey lots!



Mrs. Maria said...

Me likey that a lot too!!! Nice ring!!!

tamie said...

I LOVE the puss n boots comparison... hehe... your kitty is super cute... I love the pics too... I swear... we have the same taste... I love the rings :)

lori said...


the rings are pretty, too...very elegant and timeless.

teahouse said...

Cute kid, but I'm not into people who name their kids after Western states or get the picture. Too funky modern cool for me. I'm a traditionalist.

Anonymous said...


LOOOOOOVE the kitty pics!! and yes, he is sooooo adorable...that comparison with puss in boots was awesome!!
more kitty pics! more kitty pics!