Just Like Heaven

This is the suckiest time of the year for movies. It is hard to find something that would be worth spending money on. We went to see Just Like Heaven last night and I really liked it! It was nothing special, but it wasn't a waste of money. It was just a nice, sweet story that kind of gave you the good vibes when you left.

We went to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose a couple of weeks ago and I really liked that one too, but once again nothing terribly spectacular. I wish a movie would come out that I loved so much that I wanted to go see AGAIN. I wouldn't, of course, because I am poor, but if I wanted to see it again at least that means it was good!

I am looking forward to the Wallace & Grommit movie that comes out Oct. 7th and I am looking forward to Serenity that comes out Sept. 30th. Serenity was based on that fox show "Firefly"...that was an awesome show and they cancelled it. I hope the movie is good!



Anonymous said...

No one cares.

Anonymous said...

I want to see Wallace & Grommit too. But I refuse to see Just Like Heaven because the whole idea sounds way too cheesy for me.

I dunno why 'anonymous' wasted his/her time commenting if he/she supposedly doesn't care. Get a life dude.


teahouse said...

I heard "The Constant Gardener" was good. I can't wait to drag my Boy to see that.