Random Crap Because I feel Like Blogging Again

- Last night I had a dream that Patrick and a friend of his (who was represented in my dream by a guy named Heath I went to H.S. with) joined the Navy. I was sad and cried.

- The HOW forum got me thinking about my favorite childhood books last night and I remembered how I loved a book called "Scat, Scat, Go Away Cat".

- When I was a little kid I would cry at Benji movies and the Garfield cartoon where Odie got put in the pound and Garfield saves him.

- I recently got a "trophy mug" and a $10 gift certificate from work as a reward for my work on the Admissions materials. Yay! I still haven't used the gift certificate yet.

- I can't wait until Oct. 8th - it is Greek Festival time in ATL. again.

- My coworker went to china and brought us each back a cool little resin figurine. Mine is of a dragon-headed turtle. I put him in my desk zen garden.

- I watched old Cosby Show reruns on Nick last night. When Patrick got home we started talking about how we missed being kids. I was telling him how I wish I could be as happy as I was when I was a kid doing something I liked. I'm happy now, but when you are a kid, happy is also a rush of exitement.

- If you like Brittish humor, I suggest a show called "Father Ted" that was a BBC comedy that ran during the late 90's or so (might still be around for all I know) we got it on DVD through netflix and it is HILARIOUS. I don't even like Brit humor so much.

I'm an outlaw

So, this morning my co-worker calls in an says she had to go get her car tag this morning and idle chit-chat about courthouse business came up and my other co-worker mentioned his license expired today. Well, jokingly, I said I guess I'd better check my license because today is a bad day for surprise visits to the courthouse.

Later, I did take a look, curious as to when my license does expire. Try a MONTH AND A HALF ago! Oops. I mean, how often do you really check your own drivers license? I would gladly go get it today, but my stupid-ass bank sucks. I get paid the last day of every month direct deposit. BUT, the way my bank works, you can't access the money until the next day.

Just Like Heaven

This is the suckiest time of the year for movies. It is hard to find something that would be worth spending money on. We went to see Just Like Heaven last night and I really liked it! It was nothing special, but it wasn't a waste of money. It was just a nice, sweet story that kind of gave you the good vibes when you left.

We went to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose a couple of weeks ago and I really liked that one too, but once again nothing terribly spectacular. I wish a movie would come out that I loved so much that I wanted to go see AGAIN. I wouldn't, of course, because I am poor, but if I wanted to see it again at least that means it was good!

I am looking forward to the Wallace & Grommit movie that comes out Oct. 7th and I am looking forward to Serenity that comes out Sept. 30th. Serenity was based on that fox show "Firefly"...that was an awesome show and they cancelled it. I hope the movie is good!

this is an audio post - click to play

this is an audio post - click to play

Ask Aunt Fugly

OMG Go Fug Yourself had me in tears of laughter this morning with "Ask Aunt Fugly".... I literally had mascara running I laughed so hard! I love this site!!!


Manicures, Pedicures, & Highlights - OH MY!

This weekend I got a manicure, a pedicure, a haircut AND highlights! I am trying REALLY hard to grow my nails all pretty for whenever I get my ring :) I have NEVER had fingernails. I used to bite them. I stopped biting and then I clipped them to death and now I'm trying to break myself of that too! I have very, very thing nails, but for some reason, 2 nails survived and managed to get so long that I could keep them (after they get long enough, I can put strengthener on the underside and that saves them from "water damage".

Anywho, I would be devistated if I broke a nail at this point!

And, I needed a haircut SO bad, so I got 4.5" taken off and carmel/brown highlights added because my hair has always been very monotone. They are really subtle, but it gives my hair personality!

Yay for feelin' pretty :P

I don't know why the fake-ass french manicure is "in", but it is and I think it looks nice and clean!

Those two middle nails are the longest nails I've EVER HAD in my ENTIRE LIFE. One girls triumph over obsessive nail biting!

Goodbye long, scraggly hair, hello curls! It bounces back up without all that extra hair. You can sorta see a hint of highlight in this pic.

A blurry close-up of the highlights. There aren't many, but I kinda like how it makes my hair not so boring!


This is his most adorable look. He sits at his toy box and looks up and me like "Please won't you play with me?"... Looks a little familiar, huh?

I just thought this close up was cute!

My hand ends up being what he likes to play with most. However, he doesn't hurt me so I dont mind!

This is my kitchen. I just think it is kinda cute now that we have all the old vintage signs on the cabinet doors...

R-L, F-B : Patrick, Saad, Joey, Stephanie holding Cheyenne. Joey & Steph are my friends from South Carolina and their daughter Cheyenne who is a little cutie! She turned two Aug. 24th. Saad is our friend who used to be my upstairs neighbor. Saad & Steph rock! I miss hanging out like this it was fun!

We got Cheyenne a free birthday cake at O'Charley's, but I am not sure if it was more for Cheyenne or Patrick who was really wanting some Cake! LOL

This one is almost completely unrelated, but I put the engagement ring and wedding band I want together in a picture to see how I'd like them. Me likey lots!