This post is just for Krista

And everyone else can enjoy this link too! Because it is funny!
CLICK HERE! for a link to "Stuff on my Cat"... a website full of cats wearing clothes and other ridiculous things :) Very cute & funny!



Anonymous said...


kick ass!! thanks, mary. i actually don't really care for clothes on pets, but the "creatures on my cat" link is soooo cute...other animals being all close with the kitties....awwwww.
p.s. mary-- your cat still is cuter than all those cats on the website!

Mary said...

LOL Dogs with clothes bother me more than cats for some reason. I guess because cats always have this look on their face like "I hate you for doing this to me" and dogs are just so innocently stupid...I feel more sorry for the dogs!

I won't even put a colar on my cat because he's just so free & cute & cuddly without one. Even though target had this super cool one that was black with silver stars on it that would have looked really cool on him!

Othello is an awesomely cute cat too :) He's bigger and fluffier than Figaro!

lori said...!

i'm not really a fan of clothing on animals either.. with the exception of putting a bow on a little piggie's head.

i like the pic of the kitty curled up next to the dogs. i like when animals are friends.