This hurts me to the core

These stories coming from Louisiana & Mississippi are so painful. I can not believe the things these people are dealing with. The sad part is that we are talking about POOR people. They didn't have hardly anything before this storm and now what little they had is GONE. They won't even have a job to go back to in order to make money to provide. I feel like I am in this bubble of comfort and money and I almost feel guilty for what I DO have (I am by NO means well off!)... I think I am going to find the right place to make a donation and somewhere I can donate clothing to for the victims as well. I can't give much, but what I do give, I want it to count.

Makes me wish I could just take leave and go help cook for them or DO something. It is so easy to just give money. It doesn't feel right.



Anonymous said... sent me this thing about offering up a place for people to stay, so i thought i'd post it on your blog since you probably have more readers from that area:


Mrs. Maria said...

I hear you... I keep telling my husband all these news are really breaking my heart. I too feel spoiled and over blessed with the things I have, job, my comfortable world. But remember you aren't at fault for what happened... so lets not feel guilty. We however should help the best we can.... :) Hugs! ~ Maria/Luna