Sunday afternoon visitors

Yesterday my friend Steph, her soon to be hubby Joey and their daughter Cheyenne came to see me! So did my friend Saad who still lives here, but is just really busy like everyone else I know.

Steph & Joey's familly live in Mobile, so they were down from North Carolina visiting. It was Chey's 2nd birthday on the 24th, so we went to a restaurant and got her a free birthday cake (again) even though it was a few days later. Steph said that everytime someone says "birthday" she says "Cake!" :) VERY cute.

It was sooo much fun to see my dear friends again and so wierd how everyone is the same, but so different at the same time. I miss hanging out with people I like. All day long, I am forced to be around a particular group of people--some who I like, some who I don't like--and when you get to be around a whole group of people who you like, have fun memories with, and know who you very well, it's so great! Sometimes I forget what that is like. After college everyone moved and went different places. The only ones I kept up with are really the only ones WORTH keeping up with. Sometimes you realize that it wasn't all those people that were so great, it was the few good ones that made all those people okay to be around.