Reel People

So, have you ever been watching the news and then some big story about childhood obesity or regular adult obesity comes on the news? Then, while they are proclaiming how the world is fat & lazy and we are all going to die, they show the most unflattering clips of overweight kids/adults you can ever imagine. I hate watching that stuff... I mean, can you imagine if you were watching TV and you saw someone in the crowd (from the neck down only, of course!) and you recognized your own ass! I would sue. Of course, they seem to pick only the most funky looking people and I do NOT wear stretch pants, so I have nothing to worry about.

Same thing with smoker clips. They pick the gnarliest, zittiest, most distgusting smokers and then zoon in on their nasty pitted lips smoking a cigarette. I hate those worse becaue they are SO disgusting! I don't want to watch that while I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee in the morning.




Anonymous said...

Yes, disgusting. You couldn't sue if you butt was on tv though, you'd just have to consider yourself famous :D

Anonymous said...


OMG!! i have totally and completely thought the same thing...what if, during those "look how fat americans are" stories, i saw MYSELF on the tv??? scary thought...though mary, i am positive your hot self does not qualify for those stories. :)

Anonymous said...

i always feel bad when i see these reports about obese people. but then when i see the commercials for dairy queen, mickey d's, burger king and krispy kreme that are run between news segments i feel so much better just thinking about that great food filling my belly.

Teo said...

thats the whole point to gross you out enough to make you feel like not doing it. But then you go out and get a mcmeal. It's oversensationalized local news and "pro-people" journalism. Thats why i don't watch it.