This hurts me to the core

These stories coming from Louisiana & Mississippi are so painful. I can not believe the things these people are dealing with. The sad part is that we are talking about POOR people. They didn't have hardly anything before this storm and now what little they had is GONE. They won't even have a job to go back to in order to make money to provide. I feel like I am in this bubble of comfort and money and I almost feel guilty for what I DO have (I am by NO means well off!)... I think I am going to find the right place to make a donation and somewhere I can donate clothing to for the victims as well. I can't give much, but what I do give, I want it to count.

Makes me wish I could just take leave and go help cook for them or DO something. It is so easy to just give money. It doesn't feel right.

Sunday afternoon visitors

Yesterday my friend Steph, her soon to be hubby Joey and their daughter Cheyenne came to see me! So did my friend Saad who still lives here, but is just really busy like everyone else I know.

Steph & Joey's familly live in Mobile, so they were down from North Carolina visiting. It was Chey's 2nd birthday on the 24th, so we went to a restaurant and got her a free birthday cake (again) even though it was a few days later. Steph said that everytime someone says "birthday" she says "Cake!" :) VERY cute.

It was sooo much fun to see my dear friends again and so wierd how everyone is the same, but so different at the same time. I miss hanging out with people I like. All day long, I am forced to be around a particular group of people--some who I like, some who I don't like--and when you get to be around a whole group of people who you like, have fun memories with, and know who you very well, it's so great! Sometimes I forget what that is like. After college everyone moved and went different places. The only ones I kept up with are really the only ones WORTH keeping up with. Sometimes you realize that it wasn't all those people that were so great, it was the few good ones that made all those people okay to be around.

Oh what a Beautiful MORNING...oh what a beautiful daaaay....

It is a GORGEOUS morning here in Alabama... I don't know why, but it is :) It is beautifully sunny, but not sweltering. There is a cool breeze in the air and the sweet smell of cut grass across campus as I walked to my office this morning. I felt like just sitting on a bench for a little while...screw work!

I saw these two little chipmunks playing. I love chipmunks. They are way cuter than squirrels and they have a lot more personality. They are more sociable with one another too. Anyways, I saw these two chipmunks scampering around. One was running all over and the other was sitting there taking a break when the hyper one just pummeled him! He got a running start and just ran right into him. It was terribly cute. Then the little chipmunk got up and chased him into the bushes. Very much so a chip & dale moment.

Anyways, I wish every morning was like this. In Alabama the weather is only summer & winter. There are like maybe 5 days of fall and 5 days of spring. The rest of that time it is nice in the morning and the late afternoon and the rest of the day sucks ass.

:) Oh, and they are already calling hurricane kristen "Killer Kristen" because of the damage in Miami. It should be heading our way next. The beaches in the panhandle (they are so beautiful...white sand, emerald green waters...) will never be the same if we keep having so many hurricanes. It is a total mess in pensacola beach. It looks like a 3rd world country there is so much damage.

Pat Robertson's big mouth...

I think it's really hillarious how many "shock & awe" reactions have come from Pat Robertson's declaration about how it would be easier to just assasinate the Pres. of Venezuela. I mean, we already knew he was crazy, but those radically religious people always are. However, can we really blame the guy for just SAYING what everyone in Washington has probably thought a million times about the Pres. of Venezuela along with lots of other foreign terrorists and political figures? That is actually a pretty ballsy thing for him to say.

I remember when I was a kid, my aunt used to watch The 700 Club and give money and all that crap. So, I got to thinking...where did the number 700 come from? Is that God's magic number? And since when did The 700 Club get all sophisticated and get the CNNish background going on? I remember when it was whicker furniture and the set resembled a nursing home waiting room. And all they talked about was giving money (of course), praying, and a little crying (just to drive the point home about how the praying worked better when you gave money). Now, The 700 Club is all political and "hard edged"....


It is so freakin' quiet in my office that whenever I bite into my apple it sounds like a freakin' jackhammer. I hate that....

Reel People

So, have you ever been watching the news and then some big story about childhood obesity or regular adult obesity comes on the news? Then, while they are proclaiming how the world is fat & lazy and we are all going to die, they show the most unflattering clips of overweight kids/adults you can ever imagine. I hate watching that stuff... I mean, can you imagine if you were watching TV and you saw someone in the crowd (from the neck down only, of course!) and you recognized your own ass! I would sue. Of course, they seem to pick only the most funky looking people and I do NOT wear stretch pants, so I have nothing to worry about.

Same thing with smoker clips. They pick the gnarliest, zittiest, most distgusting smokers and then zoon in on their nasty pitted lips smoking a cigarette. I hate those worse becaue they are SO disgusting! I don't want to watch that while I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee in the morning.


This post is just for Krista

And everyone else can enjoy this link too! Because it is funny!
CLICK HERE! for a link to "Stuff on my Cat"... a website full of cats wearing clothes and other ridiculous things :) Very cute & funny!

This made my morning...

I love extreme tracker! So, I looked up the last 20 websearch inquiries that generated a hit for my blog and someone looked up "sell testicles to government" and MY BLOG showed up for them.

Damn, I don't remember selling my testicles to the government and then blogging about it... Well, ya know they say that your memory is the first thing to go...well, 2nd...right after your testicles!

I also found out that my tanning bed/pass out story is linked from some webpage called "Funny Stories"...great! That means lots & LOTS of people know about that... I had forgotten how the internet gets creepy sometimes...

I remember once a long time ago, I was working in the mall when some weirdo guy and his girlfriend came up to me and asked if I had a webpage, which I did. He actually RECOGNIZED me from my "about me" page on my webpage. That creeped me out. I don't know why, but it did. I took my picture down after that.... Creeeepay!

Dum Dum da dum....

Jennifer Wilbanks is so DUMB! She was briefly in the news again the other day. Apparently a story researcher at some news source found out that she is registered at Pottery Barn for her Wedding to Dr. Dumb-ass. The date of the wedding according to Pottery Barn is Aug. 12th (They deny the wedding plans) and on the news they said 2 new items had recently been added to their list.

And what an OBNOXIOUS list. They are a couple of rich brats. They have items like $1400 bedroom furniture on there. What about a toaster? Or maybe a nice coffee maker?

I tried to go to Pottery barn's site and look up her registry, but I guess they removed it.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I'll be lucky if I get a gift certificate to Target when I get married LOL

Real towns in Alabama...:P

Bleecker, AL
Bloody Springs, AL
Boar Tush, AL
Cluttsville, AL
Coal Fire, AL
Congo, AL
Frog Eye, AL
Gamble, AL
Gobblers Crossing, AL
Golddust, AL
Graball, AL
Hatchechubbee, AL
Hicks, AL
Hopeful, AL
Hurtsboro, AL
Intercourse, AL
Jumbo, AL
Lickskillet, AL
Needmore, AL
Normal, AL
Pansey, AL
Phil Campbell, AL
Pig Eye, AL
Possum Trot, AL
Potash, AL
Pumpkin Center, AL
Rabbittown, AL
Rash, AL
Rescueville, AL
Sardine, AL
Scarce Grease, AL
Screamer, AL
Slicklizzard, AL
Slickrock Ford, AL
Smelley, AL
Smut Eye, AL
Snoddy, AL
Speed, AL
St. Elmo, AL
The Bottle, AL